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Watertown’s Own Hidden Gem

Football recruiting can be a fun but complicated process. The vast majority of college coaches focus there attention on 5 & 4 star prospects that come from high power high school football programs while players from small towns with low level competition go unnoticed.

One player who is looking to beat those odds and eventually put his talents on the same playing field with some of the best football players in the country is 2014 Watertown HS (TN) QB/Ath Ty Jobe.

The state of Tennessee has become a bit of a hotbed for college coaches over the past few years but for the small town of Watertown not many coaches make their way out to the country where many believe talent does not reside.

Jobe is a guy that has the talents capable of playing with the best of the best. He not only has the abilities to be considered one of the better football prospects in his home state but also someone that could handle his own amongst the elite high school talent nationwide.

“I know in my heart I have everything it takes to play with the best high school players in the country,” said Jobe. “I don’t care where I come from or what size school I play for. I know my abilities and I know I am good enough to play Division 1 college football.”

Standing 6’2 205 lbs, Jobe has the physical size along with outstanding athleticism to make his mark on the next level. He has led his high school team at the QB position for the past 2 years and is headed into his senior season as the unquestioned leader for not only his team but also for the town he represents.

“This next season is something I am really looking forward to. It’s my last ride in high school and my last chance to bring a state title to Watertown. We are small school with small fan base but we have big time heart. I don’t mind have all the pressure on my shoulders because I believe pressure situations bring out the best competitors, Jobe said.”

Versatility and natural athleticism are two words that best describe Ty Jobe. He is an excellent prospect at QB but could very well play a multitude of positions in college football.

Athlete is the main position many college coaches are recruiting Jobe for. They look at his size and natural football talents and believe that if they could just get him into a system that they could find the perfect fit for his abilities.

ty jobe 3

“Many coaches tell me they just like my overall talents and think I could offer good football play at many positions,” Jobe said. “I really love playing QB but trust me when I say I am open to playing anywhere. It doesn’t matter which side I play on as long as I just get a shot.”

Thus far Jobe has yet to pick up his 1st official offer but over the past couple weeks his stock has taken a serious shot in the arm and is now getting to the point where an offer could finally arrive.

“These past several weeks has been great and I had no idea the interest for me would pick up so quick,” said Jobe. “I was visited at school not too long ago by Navy and they told me they are seriously interested in me and believe I would be a perfect fit in their system.”

“Coach Harris from Ole Miss has been contacting me a lot and tells me each time we talk how much he really loves my talents. All the local schools like Vanderbilt, Tennessee, MTSU, Memphis and Western Kentucky have picked up their interest and all want me on campus for their camps. I am also receiving solid interest from both California and NC State. Those two were surprises for me but are most certainly welcomed.”

Spring practice starts up next for the Watertown star. Coaches have already told Jobe they plan to make their way down to Tennessee and watch him compete during practice.

They all want an up close look at the versatile athlete and see for themselves that he definitely has the talents to play on the BCS level.

“I am so excited for next week to arrive that I have been looking forward to it for quite some time,” said Jobe. “My goal is to show everyone in attendance that I am ready to lead my team and I am willing to do everything it takes to make it to the next level. Spring practice may not last too long but it is important process in my recruitment.”

Jobe is not only a great football talent but he is also an excellent student in the classroom. His work ethic on and off the field is what will lead him into college football and would be a great addition to not only the college campus but also the football locker room.

He is a high character young man that strives to be great in everything he does in life. Jobe is ready to take that next step in life and is fully equipped to take on his final year of his high school life.

“This is my last go round with my teammates so my goal is to give them the best year of their football life’s.” Jobe said. “I will be outstanding in both my academics and athletics to make sure I am fully prepared for the college life wherever that may be. I am not sure what my future holds but I do know I have this opportunity to give my team and my town everything I have towards winning a high school football championship.”

Jobe may be a player still laying under the radar but after a strong camp circuit his talents should no longer be hidden and his chance to prove his small town talents should become true.

Schools Interested: Auburn, California, Harvard, Indiana, Marshall, Memphis, MTSU, Ole Miss, Penn, Navy, NC State, Nebraska, Temple, Tennessee, Tulane, Vanderbilt,Western Kentucky and Yale.


Written by: Chris Smith/ Writer/Publisher






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