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VP Under the Radar: 2014 Ath Kyreem Walton

Name: Kyreem Walton

C/O: 2014

Position: Ath (Linebacker/Safety)

Height: 6’0

Weight: 180 lbs

High School: T.C. Williams HS (Va)

Offers: None


Talent Overview: Walton is a very athletic young man that has the talents to play multiple positions on the football field and going into his senior season he is making a transition from the defensive line into the back seven. LB or S looks to be the new spots for Walton and his abilities fit those positions very well. First off Walton is an active and hard working football player that plays with excellent intensity and a fire in his gut that keeps him going all game long. He uses his natural athleticism to find himself around the football while also having his intelligence to diagnose plays before they happen.

Sideline to sideline is the path Walton goes after the ball. He has a quick first step and finishes the play with a thud tackle. High motor and active are key words that help describe the way Walton plays. He plays hard all the time and never gives up on a game until its over. Walton is a complete team player that is willing to play anywhere on the football field to help his team succeed.

Walton is a physical ball player that doesn’t mind using his body as a battering ram. He can play close to the line of scrimmage helping in run support or deliver punishing hits in the secondary. Walton’s body needs more weight and muscle added to it but has the frame to do it. He has a strong work ethic inside the weight room as well as in his off the field activities. Walton is a strong leader that is vocal but also sets the tone with his game play. His makeup as a player and a person is something a college defense could definitely use. Walton is still looking for his main position but his versatility should give him a great shot at finding a place in the Division 1 ranks.

Current Status: Thus far Walton has yet to pick up his first official college offer. His stock is still a bit unnoticed as Walton is making the transition to a different position and he might be a bit undersized for multiple positions. The buzz around Walton is beginning to pick up as schools like North Texas, Old Dominion, Temple, Richmond, Elon and Towson have begun to show interest. He is slowly picking up steam on the recruiting scene and plans to generate more buzz as he is set to hit the road this summer attending tons of college camps. Coaches seem to like Walton for his versatility, athleticism and ability to be coached. The more they are able to see Walton compete in person but also learn more about him the more they will fall in the love of the idea of recruiting the Virginia state prospect.

Prospect Review: Walton is headed into the summer offseason as an underrated prospect that doesn’t have the prototypical size or look of a BCS player but you would need to look closer as he is a Division 1 potential recruit. More time on the practice field and in the weight room will give Walton an opportunity to improve his stock but also allow him to learn his new position. His upcoming senior season will be huge for him. Walton will have the chance to show coaches in the summer camps but also on the football field that he is worthy of a college scholarship.

kyreem walton

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Written by: Chris Smith/ Writer/Publisher




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