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Varsity Preps Watch List: 2015 LB Joshua Bolar

Name: Joshua Bolar

C/O: 2015

Position: Linebacker

Height: 5’11

Weight: 225 lbs

High School: Fayette County HS (Ga)

Schools Interested: Auburn, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, Tennessee and Western Kentucky.


Prospect Overview: Bolar is an undersized but active and physical LB that gets the job done by all out hustle and his ability to diagnose plays. He stands 5’11 but plays like he is 6’3. Bolar doesn’t let his size get in the way off being able to be productive. His heart makes up for his lack of size and that is something that is very wanted in college football.

On the next level, Bolar projects at the middle linebacker position but in high school he is able to play sideline to sideline because of his speed and instincts. He has a nose for the football that can’t be taught. His vision to find the hole and attack the ball carrier is a major plus for college coaches and already gives him advantage when being recruited. Bolar is also a strong leader in the huddle that plays with outstanding emotion and doesn’t mind being vocal when called upon. His presence on defense can be felt and will definitely be seen during his upcoming junior year.

Currently his recruitment hasn’t gone the way Bolar may have liked but hopefully after a strong camp season those offers might start coming his way. He has already set up camps with Auburn, Southern Miss and Tennessee but certainly hopes to perform at many more. Bolar has no problem being away from home to play his college football but also would love to stay down south. He knows he has a long way to go in his recruitment but also his high school career.

His goals headed into the 2013 football season is to become the leader his team needs to hopefully lead them to a state title. Bolar is preparing to take on a major role for his teammates and certainly seems ready for the challenge. He has a strong work ethic on the football field as well as inside the weight room. Bolar works hard to be in the best shape possible and is already setting the tone now before the summer arrives.

Bolar may be undersized in ways some college coaches may not be interested in but if you want heart, hard work and natural instincts then this Peach State linebacker is the man for you. He has the makeup of the one of those small sized linebackers that just seems to make all the tackles but also be in the right place at the right time. Bolar is a potential college football prospect and someone to watch out for this upcoming football season.



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