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Varsity Preps Watch List: 2015 CB Isadore Wood

Name: Isadore Wood

C/O: 2015

Position: Cornerback

Height: 5’11

Weight: 190 lbs

High School: Admiral Farragut HS (FL)

Schools Interested: Baylor, Florida Atlantic, Fla International, Georgia, Miami, TCU, Vanderbilt and West Virginia.


Prospect Review: Wood is headed into his junior season as a rising prospect that has size, smarts and the skill set to eventually make his way to the Division 1 football level. Transferring to Admiral Farragut HS, Wood is an outstanding student athlete both in classroom as well as on the football field. He currently carries a GPA of 3.7 and works hard to maintain his grades. Wood has a strong work ethic that he brings every day to school and tries to be the best he can be at anything he puts his mind to. His makeup as a person spells leadership and someone that his teammates can look to for guidance and knowledge.

On the field, Wood is an potential filled prospect that is still growing into his body and has a long ways to go before he completely fills out his body. Standing 5’11, Wood has the size needed to compete in a college defensive backfield. His length in his arms as well as his body gives him an advantage when going up against any sized receiver. Wood has smooth hips and the ability to stick with a receiver stride for stride. He doesn’t mind getting physical with his opponent and his size allows him to play that way. The point of attack at the line of scrimmage is where Wood earns his first advantage as does a good job at jamming his receiver and keeping him off his route.

Several reasons about Wood’s game excites many scouts and college coaches but yet he has ways to go before he is fully ready to compete on the next stage. Wood is still maturing as a person and a football player but his potential is unlimited. His attitude along with his overall talents gives him a shot to eventually have the chance to choose his eventual college destination. Multiple college coaches have already taken a liking with Wood and are continuing to attain more information as the recruiting process goes on. Wood wants to head into college with a 4 year plan as he wants to graduate with his degree before he is ready to take on life after his university life. Earning an excellent college degree is important to Wood and strong academic schools might have a leg up when its comes to recruiting the sunshine state prospect.

Wood plans to hit the road this summer hitting up multiple camps in hopes of gaining more attention. He has camp plans already set up with Georgia, Vanderbilt and West Virginia and is in the midst of setting up more. Location will not be an issue for Wood as he doesn’t mind leaving home to attend college. He ultimately wants to find the perfect combination of athletics and academics when choosing his future college home. Wood is a sure fire D1 prospect that has a bright future on and off the football field. He is a player to watch out for this upcoming season and eventually could become one of the top prospects in the state of Florida for the 2015 recruiting class.


Written by: Chris Smith/VarsityPreps/Rec. Writer/Publisher




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