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Varsity Preps’ Bluegrass State Report Edition VI, PT. II

Welcome to the sixth edition of Varsity Preps’ Bluegrass State Report. In this edition, I’ll discuss UK targets in the 2015 class, and UK targets in the 2016 class.

JarMarkus Sims (6’2, 202, 2015) plays at Dothan High School in Dothan, Alabama. He holds one offer from Kentucky and getting interest from Florida State, Auburn and Alabama. Sims visited all four programs. “All four schools were great visits. The coaching staffs at Auburn, Alabama and Florida State told me to send them film after the first five games of the season and if they like it, they will offer me.”

Sims discusses his Top 4 and his favorite on why they stand out to the other schools. “My Top 4 is Kentucky, FSU, Auburn, and Alabama in that order. Kentucky stands out because they were the first program to believe in me and take a chance on me. That means a lot to me.”

The junior standout talked about what he’s seeking from a college program. “I’m looking at if I get hurt the school will still take me on a scholarship. I’m also looking at location, playing time and the coaching staff.”

He has no plans of making a decision anytime soon.

Darrin Hall (6’0, 210, 4.6/40) plays at Austintown Fitch High School in Youngstown, Ohio. He currently holds 11 offers: Kentucky, Nebraska, Michigan State, Purdue, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Arkansas to name a few. Hall didn’t take any visits or attend any camps this summer. Hall discusses where Kentucky stands in his recruitment.

Kentucky: “They will definitely be in the hunt. My family is good friends with Coach Vince Marrow. I am planning on attending a game this season at Kentucky.”

He has no frontrunners and is open to any program in the nation.

The junior standout talked about what he’s seeking from a college program. “My only factor for making my decision is playing time.”

He’ll make his college decision next summer.

Kalen Whitlow (6’1, 183, 4.6/40) plays at Prattville High School. He currently has no offers, but Vanderbilt, Mississippi State and Auburn are recruiting him the hardest. Whitlow discusses his camps at Southern Mississippi and Jacksonville State.

Southern Mississippi: “The coaching staff told me they’re definitely be watching me this season and to keep contact with them. I was in the top performance group at their camp.”

Jacksonville State:” Same as Southern Mississippi. Coaches want me keep in contact with them and I was also in the top performance group at their camp.”

He tells Varsity Preps who his Top 5 is. “My Top 5 is Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Florida State, and Mississippi State. Kentucky is my favorite because their fan base is incredible! I love it! I also like Kentucky because of the academics and the fact I have my older brother Jalen is there.”

The junior standout talked about what he’s seeking from a college program. “I’m looking at the academics, the coaching staff, and the fan base that will support the team no matter win or lose.”

He’ll make his decision when his family feels it’s the right time.

Jarrett Stidham (6’4, 190, 4.5/40) plays at Stephensville High School in Stephensville, Texas. He has offers from Texas, Baylor, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas Tech, and Texas A&MTexas, Baylor, Tennessee and Kentucky are recruiting him the hardest. Over the summer, Stidham visited Kentucky, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Baylor, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida. “All the visits went great. I really enjoyed all the of them. Every coaching staff told me they like me.”

[youtube id=QgipB784O1A width=”620″ height=”360″]

Stidham tells Varsity Preps where Kentucky stands in his recruitment.

Kentucky: “I’m very interested in them. The staff is telling me how great a fit I would be in the new offense Coach Brown is implementing. The staff also tells me there is a lot of excitement around the program.  I think maybe I’ll fit in the offense, but they have a great offense.”

The junior standout talked about what he’s seeking from a college program. “I’m looking for a great academic program. I’m also looking for a high-powered offense and a great fan base.”

He has no timetable on making a decision.

Ray Ray McCloud (5’10, 175, 4.5/40) plays at Sickles High School in Tampa, Florida. He currently holds offers from: UMass, Georgia Southern, Arizona, Tennessee State, App. State, Clemson, Tennessee, Louisville, Kentucky, USF, Wisconsin, and Florida. Florida, Clemson, USF, Louisville and Kentucky are recruiting him the hardest. McCloud talks about his camps over this summer at Clemson, Louisville, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, USF.  “Mostly all of them told me that I am a playmaker and the ball needs to be me in my hand. Each program liked me as a DB. All the facilities at each program were good. I was equally impressed with all of them.”

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McCloud tells Varsity Preps where Louisville and Kentucky stand in his recruitment. “Both programs are both on the top of my choices of my list. They both are recruiting me as a ATH. I really like both staffs and I am planning on visiting both schools again.”

He has no frontrunners or a Top 5 and he discussed what he is looking for in a program. “I’m looking at the surroundings, the coaching staff, winning/successful program and the best fit for me as a player.”

He’ll like to make his decision before his senior year.

UK Targets for the 2016 class

Tyler Pritchett (6’4, 265, 5.0/40) plays at Calera High School in Calera, Alabama. He is being recruited as an offensive tackle. He currently has one offer from Akron, but Kentucky, Auburn, Akron, Wake Forest, Florida State, Alabama, and Western Kentucky are recruiting him the hardest. Pritchett discussed the camps and visits he did take over the summer. “I camped at Alabama, Auburn, and Kentucky. I visited Kentucky, Western Kentucky and I’m supposed to visit Alabama sometime this week. I loved each visit and camp and I had an amazing time at each program.”

He tells more in-depth on the visit to Western Kentucky and Kentucky.

Western Kentucky: “I learned a lot about WKU tradition and how the red towel came about. The coaches told me they really like how I play the game.”

Kentucky: “I’ve been talking them for a while and when I was there it felt like home.”

Pritchett named his leader, but is open to other schools entering his recruitment.

Kentucky is my leader because they were the first program to really start recruiting me. I love the fan base. I am planning on attending one or two games this season at Kentucky. As of now, the one game I know for sure I’ll be at is the Alabama State game.

“I’ll be visiting Auburn again and may take in a game there as well.”

He discussed what he is looking for in a program.”My two main factors are: can my family see me play in person and do I have an opportunity to start.”

He’ll like to make his decision before his senior year.

Alex Gourley (6’0, 260, 5.1/40) plays at South Iredell High School in Troutman, North Carolina. He has no offers, but Duke and North Carolina State are recruiting him the hardest. Gourley discussed the camps he attended over this summer.

Davidson: “I didn’t get the chance to talk with the coaches. At the camp the coaches wanted us do forties, shuttle runs, one-on-ones.”

Wake Forest: “Same as Davidson. I didn’t get the chance to talk with the coaches.”

Princeton: “As the other two, same situation.”

Duke: “There was a lot of people at the camp, but the coaches noticed me at the camp. Duke’s facilities were very nice and the campus was amazing. At the end of the camp, I spoke with the OL coach John Latina, who knew who I was. He told me he was pleased with my performance.”

NC State: “The coaches were talking to me a lot. The facilities were very nice, but didn’t get to see much of the campus. The OL coach Mike Uremovich knew who I was because he is the recruiting coach in my area told me he will be recruiting me for a long time. He told me he wanted to keep in contact with me and to call him once a month.”

[youtube id=RSidHA2GQ6U width=”620″ height=”360″]

He tells Varsity Preps how he performed at the Rivals 250 Underclassmen Challenge. “We weren’t told anything, but with the one-on-one’s, I won the majority (3-1-1) of them. Most of the OL players were highly recruited juniors. I was one of the few sophomores at the Rivals 250 Underclassmen Challenge.”

Gourley shared his Top 5. “My Top 5 in no particular order is NC State, Duke, UNC, Stanford and Kentucky.”

He discusses on why Kentucky is in his Top 5. “I haven’t talked to any of the coaches, but I am interested in the program because Kentucky has a great business and economics program, which is what I want major in. It also has a great tradition and I have family in the area.”

Gourley talked abput what he’s looking for in a program. “The main factor that I’m looking at is how good the school’s business and economics program is. I’m also looking at the location of the school so my family be able to see me play. Football will have some influence on where I go, but at the end of the day, the school’s academics is what will be the deciding factor.”

He currently has no timetable on his decision.




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