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Varsity Preps’ Bluegrass State Report Edition VI, PT. I

Welcome to the sixth edition of Varsity Preps’ Bluegrass State Report. In this edition, I’ll discuss several underrated players in the state of Kentucky, and UK targets in the 2015 and 2016 class.

There are numerous players in the state of Kentucky that are underrated. In my opinion, a handful of those players are: De’Vonta Moffitt, TaVon Dunn, and Mikal Ballard.



De’Vonta Moffitt (5’10, 186, 4.5/40) plays at Doss High School in Louisville, Kentucky. He is considered an ATH. Purdue, Vanderbilt, Navy, Austin Peay, Western Kentucky have expressed interest in him. He camped at Kentucky and Cincinnati, visited Western Kentucky, and attended the Purdue spring game.

Kentucky and Cincinnati camps went great. Both coaching staffs want to keep evaluating me and after the first few games, will determine if we move forward.”

Western Kentucky was a nice experience. I met head coach Bobby Petrino. It was a good visit overall.

Purdue felt like home to me. I was very comfortable with the coaching staff and being on campus.”

[youtube id=r6BbCh1mYdY width=”620″ height=”360″]

He has no offers currently, but believes Purdue could offer him during his senior season. Moffitt’s most important factor when making his college decision is loyalty of the coaches and players. He is also looking at the academics and where he feels most comfortable.

He’ll make his college decision on senior night.

T. Dunn

T. Dunn

TaVon Dunn (6’1, 170, 4.6/40) plays at Tates Creek High School in Lexington, Kentucky. He plays wide receiver. He has not been offered, but is getting interest from Middle Tennessee, Furman, Ball State, Thomas Moore, Lindsey Wilson, Western Kentucky, Dartmouth, Holy Cross and Pikeville. He talked about his three visits to Vanderbilt, Eastern Kentucky and Ball State.

Vanderbilt was my favorite. I really liked the coaching staff and the way the receivers are being coached.

Ball State wasn’t impressive to me. The way the coaches ran the offensive schemes was not what I was used to and it didn’t make any sense.

Eastern Kentucky was a successful trip. I liked the coaching staff and how I could find that so close to home.

Dunn explained what he is looking for in a program.” I’m looking at the school campus life, the academics, coaching staff and the location of the school.”

He’ll like to make his decision after basketball season ends.

M. Ballard

M. Ballard

Mikal Ballard (6’1, 175, 4.4/40) plays at Seneca High School in Louisville, Kentucky. He is considered a versatile athlete, playing wide receiver and safety for his high school team. Western Kentucky, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Cincinnati, and Colorado State are expressing interest in him. Ballard discussed his camps over this summer.

Louisville was a good visit. I performed well and I liked the coaching staff.

Kentucky was also a good visit. I like Kentucky more than Louisville because I really like head coach Mike Stoops and they’re showing more interest in me than Louisville.

Kentucky coaches have been talking to my coach. My coach told me Kentucky wants me come down to visit the campus again. After the season, the Kentucky staff and I will talk some more.”

He has no frontrunners and talked about what he’s looking for in a program. “I’m looking at the distance from home and the atmosphere of the school.”

He is in no hurry in making his decision.

UK Targets in the 2015 class

Ugo Amadi (5’10, 185, 4.4/40) plays at Overton High School in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s a versatile athlete playing quarterback and defensive back. Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky are recruiting him the hardest. He holds two offers from Tennessee and Kentucky. Amdai discussed his camps at Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Vanderbilt: “I liked their coaching staff because they treat you like family.”

Tennessee: “The coaching staff there is amazing. The staff made me feel welcomed and playing Neyland Stadium interests me.”

Kentucky: “I really like Coach Derrick Ansley, he actually taught me a lot at the camp.”

Amadi goes in-depth more on the Tennessee and Kentucky camps.

Tennessee: “Coach Tommy Thigpen told me he liked me a lot and liked my size.”

Kentucky: “Coach  Ansley told me he liked my playing style and felt if I come to UK he can do major things with me. I probably could fit in their defensive scheme.”

He named his Top 5 (in no particular order): Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Nebraska, and Ole Miss.

He does plan on visiting Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and Kentucky again before making his decision. He’d like to make his decision next summer.

Jalen Harris (6’4, 235, 4.8/40) plays at St. James High School in Montgomery, Alabama. He holds two offers from Southern Mississippi and Kentucky. Auburn currently is recruiting him the hardest. He is being recruited as a TE at Kentucky. Harris visited Auburn and camped at Alabama, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Auburn: “I love everything about them. Coaches are great and they have top-of-the-line facilities.”

Alabama: “Great visit. The coaches are great and they have nice facilities.”

—  Vanderbilt: “Was a nice visit. I really clicked with Vanderbilt TE Coach Charles Bankins.”

Kentucky: “Great visit. I like all the coaches and the great fan base.”

Tennessee: “Was a good experience.”

Georgia: “Same with Tennessee, a good experience.”

He has no frontrunners and talked about what he’s looking for in a program. “Coaching staff who cares about getting the players to the next level.”

He has no timetable for making his decision.

Jackson Harris (6’5, 240, 4.8/40) plays at Columbia Central High School in Columbia, Tennessee. He holds offers from Vanderbilt, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Kentucky. Harris explained where he visited over the summer.

Vanderbilt: “I loved the coaching staff and how close it is to home.”

Kentucky: “I really liked the city of Lexington and the feel of the campus.”

FSU: “Facilities were nice and just overall great football program.”

GT: “I plan on majoring in engineering and GT offers one of the best engineering programs.”

“I also visited Cincinnati, Auburn, and Tennessee. I liked Tennessee facilities and the program the coaches are building there. Cincinnati and Auburn seems not interested in me at this time.”

Vanderbilt: “I loved Coach James Franklin and the coaching staff. The coaching staff is building something special there. I camped there on a Monday and came back Thursday when the staff offered me. Every coach I saw knew me by name and give you thought they knew for a long time. The coaches kept talking about my highlight film and my versatility on the field. That’s what stood out the most to me.”

Kentucky: “Coach Vince Marrow almost offered me on the spot, even without knowing me before the camp. I like the things that Coach Mark Stoops is doing. The coaches told me that I’m a good fit in their offense and could receive early playing time. I feel I could fit in their offense. I really like the small town feel of Lexington has, even though the its not that small. It reminds me a lot of Columbia and it feels like somewhere I would want to be. I would like to get more of feel for it when I come to the games and look around the campus.”

FSU: “The coaches like my athleticism and FSU has always been one of the top football programs in the nation. It has great tradition and I can’t wait to see the atmosphere when I go to one of their home games.”

GT:” The staff actually wants me at OL because they don’t use TE’s in their offense. I have a strong connection with Coach Andy McCollum because  Shaq Mason went to my high school and is now there. ”

Tennessee: “I really like the facilities and Coach Mark Elder. He wants come down to see a game or two.”

Harris named his Top 5 and what he is looking for in a program. “My top 5 are Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Tennessee, and Kentucky in no particular order. I’m looking at the academics, coaching staff and facilities when making the decision.”

He’ll make his decision between Christmas and end of the summer.

Delvin Weems (5’7, 175, 4.5/40) plays at Sandy Creek High School in Tyrone, Georgia. He holds one offer from Marshall while garnering interest from Kentucky. Weems talks about his visits to NIU, NWU, Memphis, Tennessee, and Kentucky. “NIU, NWU, Memphis, and Kentucky all impressed me. The coaches told me to stay in touch with them and they will be watching my games. Each program had nice facilities.”

He names two schools in his top 5 and his favorite. “Marshall and Kentucky will always be in my top 5, but USC is my favorite. I love Southern Cal program, their playing style and USC future is going to be good.”

Weems tells Varsity Preps he will definitely visit Kentucky and Marshall again, but not sure about the other schools.

The junior standout talked about what he’s seeking from a college program. “How I will fit in the offense and the program atmosphere.”

He’d like to make his decision either at the end of the year or in February.

TJ Rahming (5’9, 152, 4.4/40) plays at McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia. He is being recruited as a wide receiver. He currently holds no offers, but Florida, Vanderbilt and Tennessee is recruiting him the hardest. He discusses his visits over this summer.

Florida: “The campus and facilities are very nice. Nothing was like the atmosphere in THE SWAMP. I talked to wide receiver coach Joker Phillips and he told me he wanted me to get around 160 before UF offered me. UF visit was the best overall.”

South Carolina: “Coaching staff was really nice and could talk to them about anything.”

Vanderbilt: “Coaching staff was showing me love while I was there. Overall a nice visit.”

Tennessee: “Also a nice visit. The coaches told me they think I can play both sides of the ball. The staff wants to see more film of me at DB.”

Georgia: “Same as South Carolina.”

Rahming tells Varsity Preps where Kentucky stands in his recruitment.

— “Kentucky wanted me to come down to one of their camps, but I was unable to. I’m looking forward to showing the staff what I can do and UK is one of the schools I will be looking into. The Kentucky fan base is amazing because winning or losing, the fans stay behind their team. I love that about the BBN.” He is planning a visit to Kentucky after his season ends.

Rhaming tells who his favorite is and when he’ll make his decision. “My favorite is Florida and I’ll make my decision either before my senior year or on National Signing Day.”



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