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Ty Storey, #4 in Arkansas 25 for 2015

A lot of players face high expectations once they enter college. Ty Storey has experienced those pressures and he hasn’t even completed high school. For that matter, he still has a whole other year to go. The now senior quarterback has already made his committed to his home state, University of Arkansas, and with that commitment comes the comparisons of some of the great homegrown quarterbacks of old. Storey is already having comparisons of him made to former five-star prospect and Gatorade Player of the Year, Mitch Mustain. Storey has a lot of the intangibles that make a great quarterback, but it almost isn’t fair to make so many comparisons, this early on.

Storey has a gun for an arm. He can make the throws that a college quarterback in the SEC can make. He has a great release point and his mechanics are crisp. He is patient in the pocket and although he is larger and isn’t as fleet of foot as some of the spread offense quarterbacks, he is able to work outside the pocket and make accurate and long throws. He can also make the throws on the run. A specific positive to this is that he can make the pass while running forward. This was a problem for Arkansas quarterbacks in the past, namely Ryan Mallett who has a similar frame and throwing style to Storey. Standing at 6’3” and 216 pounds, Storey will be able to see over the line well and will be tough to take down.  The only downside to Storey’s physical features is that Storey has had ACL issues already in his football career. That will follow Storey throughout his career until it happens again. Hopefully for Storey’s sake it doesn’t, his upside is outstanding and could be a quarterback that people look back on as one of the top quarterbacks in the country out of this class.

Storey gained a lot of attention all at once early on, and since then, along with the fact that he ended his recruitment so early, it has tapered off quite a bit. Obviously Arkansas was one of the his first suitors, but other schools include, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, and Oklahoma. The school that has shown the most attention after Storey committed was Louisville. With the re-addition of Louisville coach and former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino, the Cardinals are trying to pry Storey away from the Razorbacks. Petrino knew about Storey while he was in middle school, so this isn’t the first time Petrino has looked at Storey.

The Verdict: Ty Storey should be a solid quarterback in the SEC for his home state’s school. As long as his knees hold up, he has the potential to be one of the best players to come out of the state in a long time. It is still unfair though to say that he will reach those aspirations. He has great size, an almost NFL-ready arm, and the backing of an entire state. Only time will tell how great this top quarterback prospect will be.

Pros: Size, Arm Strength, Accuracy, Mechanics

Cons: Knees

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