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Trevor Keener “Big Things To Come”



There’s a saying that big things come in small packages. What happens when the case is BIG things come into a small town?  That would be the best way to describe NG Trevor Keener of Mineola HS in Texas.  This gentle giant, off the field, stands a solid 6’4/265 with room to grow.  At first glance his quiet manor and lack of smile makes you think that his game face is on 24/7.  But when you get a chance to talk to him you will find a pretty funny guy amongst his fierce competitiveness and student of the game mindset.  I first got to meet Trevor at the Blue Grey All American Super Combine in Arlington TX this past June.  Watching him step back to size up his competition was pretty refreshing when most athletes go head first into their one on ones.  I’m sure this same level of commitment to his craft was what also helped him to break his school record in squats, hitting 600 lbs and being named Mineola Player of the Week several times last year.



Me:                  What is your position?

Trevor:            I use to play Defensive End but I’ve now taken on the Nose Guard


Me:                  How long have you been playing football?

Trevor:            I’ve been playing football since Kindergarten.

Me:                  Who or what inspired you to play football?

Trevor:            My older cousin xxx.  We are 4 years apart and I am the younger

  1. We use to keep up a bit of a friendly competition.


Me:                  What do you see as your biggest strength(s)?

Trevor:            That I am a true team player with strong leadership qualities.  Also

that I love the action of my position.  Being one of the first man thru

the line gives me the biggest rush!


Me:                  What interest are you getting?

Trevor:            I’ve been getting mail from SFA, SMU, TCU and Houston

but no offers just yet.


Me:                  What camps have you attended or are looking to attend?

Trevor:            I’ve done the Blue Grey All American combines, SFA and UTSA.


Me:                  What will be your biggest challenge for your senior season?

Trevor:            Keeping my teammates on the same page.  Because I will be a

senior it’s my job to help lead our team and to make sure we are

working together as a unit.


Me:                  What do you think is one of the mistakes you see some of your

younger teammates making?

Trevor:            Taking days off.  We had 5 freshman last year that started and

during that part of your football career you feel like you have time to

get it right.  Most of them didn’t understand that until close to the

end of the season that your off the field workouts affect what you do

on the field and you need to get it right the first time.


Me:                  If you were speaking to a college coach today, what one thing

would you want them to know about you?

Trevor:            That I’m a hard worker YEAR ROUND!


His Yellowjackets squad will be looking for Trevor to use his multi-year varsity starting experience to help lead his team to many victories this season.  The team is coming off of a 5-6 overall 13-14 season, moving from 2A to 3A ball just a few years earlier.  Can’t wait to see his season unfold!




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