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Tawan Downs 2014: Under the Radar

Every year, about a month after National Signing Day, I like to take a look at some recruits that have the talent and stealth to have slipped by under the radar that day. Tawan Downs out Minnesota West Community College is the first young man that caught my eye. Tawan has the talent on the field and a champion’s heart on and off the field. Downs has played a number of positions over the past two years and is someone that most folks love to have as a teammate.

Tawan is a young man that puts the success of the team first. He would prefer to play on the defensive line but is more than willing to play on the offensive side at the guard position. Tawan displays solid technique at the guard position in his pass blocking and run blocking. Downs rarely makes mistakes and looks for the next defender to block after he takes care of his initial man. Downs is the definition of a team leader on and off the field. He has that special something that many coaches look for in a player; he is willing to lead by example.

The off-the-field honors for Tawan are just as impressive as the work he does on the field. Tawan puts in the time and work that is needed in the classroom as well; he is a member of the National Honor Society, has spent four years on the honor roll, and YMCA mentor of the year. Those honors are only scratch the surface of what this young man has done over the past few years. Tawan has accomplished a great deal both on and off the field but he feels his biggest accomplishment is working with first and second graders on teaching them to swim. According to Tawan, initially, many of these kids were afraid to even get in the water. However, within two weeks of starting classes, these kids were able to enjoy jumping into the deep end of the pool with no problems. The school that winds up signing Tawan gets a great player but a terrific person. The situation is most certainly a win-win.



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