Varsity Preps


ROBERT WASHINGTON South Lakes Christian Huntersville, NC
2016  5-10  194, 3.5 GPA, RB 1017 yards, 11TD’S, 9 catches 141 yards, Team USA National Team Member
2016  MOE NEAL Forestview High School Gastonia ,NC
5-11  170, 3.5 GPA, ATH. 800 All purpose yards, 9TD’S rushing and receiving, TEAM USA National Member

It was once said that every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world. Moe Neal and Robert Washington want to be more than dreamers they want to be the DREAM.

Q. What is it like getting so much attention and exposure in the 9th grade?

MN:  It feels good just taking it in stride one day at a time & staying humble.

RW: It’s been great and humbling. I give God the glory first. I feel like all my hard work has paid off. I want players to know if you put the work in the attention will come. You can’t get attention without the work first.



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Q.How close are you guys on and off the field?

RW: We are very close. Moe is like my brother. Better yet we are brothers.

MN: We are very close we push each other to get better on the field as players & as young men.

Q. Robert, When you gave a verbal  to Mississippi State at such a young age, did you add pressure to perform on Friday nights under the lights?

RW: No I don’t really feel any pressure personally. I was offered in the 8th grade by Ole Miss so I had a lot defenses game planning for me coming in to the season. I wasn’t like the typical freshmen coming in I had to show what I had. I battled injury in the first half of the season but it was kind of a blessing because I sat a lot and had time to learn the offense. But when I got healthy I turned it up.

Q. MOE, Your rapid rise in h.s. has colleges watching. Who has taken the most interest in you?

MN:  I will have to say Mississippi State sense they gave me my first ever offer & they really like my style of play.

Q. Where have you gone this off season and where are you planning to camp?

RW: I’ve been to every elite invite camp I could go to so far  Nike, Rivals and NUC. I’ve been blessed because I have been able to be invited to a lot of camps that players that are my age haven’t been able to go to. I won the NUC freshmen award. I was rated top RB for Rivals and Nike listed me as one of the best in my class. This summer I’m looking forward to showing and proving in these college camps.

MN:  I went to N.C State, North Carolina, Ole Miss, Mississippi State & i plan to camp at Oregon State, Oregon and North Carolina

Q. What is the latest news with Team USA and your participation in the 16U?



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MN:  Waiting on the state of North Carolina to approve so i can get my invite

RW: I’ve played for the last three years and I plan to come back. I plan to play this July.

Q. MOE, What does it mean to live and play in the GAS HOUSE (Gastonia) in front of family and friends?

MOE:  It means a lot to play at home in front of family & friends but it does not  matter where i play, I just like to move the crowd.

Q. Robert, What about Mississippi State made you take the plunge and commit?

RW: The family first environment was what sold me. They told me no matter what if I got injured they would still honor my scholarship so that was like a no brainer for me. Plus they’re up and coming in the SEC. I can go there and change the program.

Q. MOE, Give me 5 teams you are really feeling at the moment?

MN:  Mississippi State, LSU, Florida, FSU, Michigan.

Q. One word that describes your game to the nation?

RW: Balance. I’m a balance back. I have the power and the speed.

MN:  Game Changer

Q. Could you see yourself in a package deal with each other ?

RW: Yes. We both make each other so much better. Moe enhances my abilities. Last year at Team USA we both put on a show. Moe is the type of player that I would pay to see. He is so explosive and fast. It’s a good chance we will end up at the same college.

MN:  Most definitely!

Has a good feel for where he is on the field
Excellent speed
Great hands
No wasted running motion.
Good vision

Moe Neal has all the will to go with the skill


Big and physical
Not just a rb but a football player
Takes too many direct shots
Very good balance
Good use of stiff arm
Student of the game
“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.” – Muhammad Ali
Moe and Robert are not dreaming, they are being the dream.




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