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“Preparation Is Separation” How Jaylon Has All Of Southern California Seeing Redd




Southern California has produced hundreds of special football players but every once in a while the state will produce a player that is what I like to call a P.C.  A Program Changer.  By definition: This is a player that if taken away or added to a program you will see a significant change and shift in your team. In the class of 2017 there are a lot of players worthy of Division One scholarships but there is only a few Program Changers and its starts with Jaylon Redd.

Jaylon is a complete football player; a competitor with an eternal flame for the game of football. Jaylon Redd is a 5’9 170lb 4-way athlete who’s just a sophomore at Rancho Cucamonga high School. He just received his first Official Pac-12 offer from the University Of Colorado and was just named 1st team All-Baseline League as a Cornerback and he was the only sophomore named to the entire first team.

Before receiving his first offer Jaylon has already acquired the respect of his opponents and varsity coaches he has faced.  “Our game plan was to come at you Redd but you’re too cold of a corner and your back pedal is too good”. Said a Chino Hills Coach.

After losing a close game to La Serna 31-24 this season (Who were to the 2013 Southeastern CIF Champions) they threw at Jaylon 10 times for Zero completions the La Serna coach said “I hope to never see you again, you’re the best corner I’ve ever coached against.” Through his play Jaylon has earned the attention he well deserves.   He plays defensive back, Running back, Wide Receiver and returns punts and Kick Returns.  We caught with Jaylon Redd on the day he was awarded his first division one Scholarship offer.

1. How does it feel to receive your first official Scholarship offer from the University of Colorado?
It feels good and I’m ready, and in the upcoming years I will continue to be a Pac-12 and division 1 type of player.

2. What does football mean to you?
Football is a Lifestyle for me and you have to be physically and have mentally tough to play this sport.

3. What are the five most important things in your life?
Family, Education, Football, Health and My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

4. What position do you like playing the most? (RB, WR, DB)
I honestly don’t have a position out of the three. I will play which ever one at the college level they will allow me to play.

5. Why do you where #5
My Two favorite players when they were in college were, Joe Haden as a Defensive Back (University of Florida) and Reggie Bush because my running style was compared to his. (University of Southern California).

6. Why should universities recruit you?
Because I can do it all! I can play offense, defense, kick return, punt return I’m just an overall athlete.

7. Up until now what is the most difficult thing you have had to experience? Losing to teams you should have beat. And how did you handle it? I decided to be a better leader. I looked at what I can do better first and lead by example and helped my teammates with different things like how to understand film and the personnel we would face on game day.

8. What make you different than the rest of the DB’s in your area? What makes be different from defensive backs period, is I can press, play off-man, play man and I can play zone.

9. You have been coached by J.R. Redmond (Former Super Bowl Champion and New England Patriots and Arizona State Hall of Famer) and Chris Claiborne (Former USC Trojan, Butkus Award Winner and Former NFL 1st Round Draft Pick and Linebacker with both Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings) both were big time Football players, what have you learned from them?

J.R: Mostly Patience, Patience in the back field, on catching a ball on a punt and timing. Explain timing? Waiting for a hole to open making a move and taking your next step based on your opponents next move as if he was trying to tackle you.

Chris: Learning that there are levels to this game of Football and how to work and train at a high Level and if you keep working hard your time will come.

10. Who introduce you to the game of football? My Dad showed me how to play this game that I love and from there he made sure I received the best training available to help me develop the my skill set and the right mental toughness it takes to play this game, and I am still learning.

11. How important are your parents in your life? My Mom and Dad are the vital pieces to the success I have enjoyed up until this point. They Challenge me to be at my best at all times in every situation. Academically they have always made sure I understood the value of an education and that I represent our family every time I step out the door.

12. Do you get excited when you watch some of the plays you make?
First, I think about all the hard work I put in and all the things I missed because I was doing things to get better (Parties, movies and etc..) and in film when I see some plays that I was a part of I have to admit “Man I really did that.”

13. Is staying close to home a factor in your recruiting process? No, I’ll play anywhere in the country.

14. What are you looking to add to your game this offseason?
Just to sharpen up my off man technique because, I really like to press. I can play off-man but I want to work on it a lot more just so I can mix it up so that receivers will never know what I’m going to do.

15. What excites you about playing press-man? I like to get into a receiver’s head and frustrate them and disrupt their routes along with disrupting the timing with them and Quarterback.

16. You seemed to have earned your reputation not by hype but by you’re on the field play. When Mission Viejo’s Offensive Coordinator Bret Johnson (Son of Bob Johnson and Brother of Former USC and NFL Quarterback Rob Johnson) gave you big props on Twitter after his team knocked you out of the playoff this season that must have been somewhat gratifying after a tough?
bret johnson (@bretjohnson11) tweeted at 2:01 PM on Sat, Nov 22, 2014:
Jaylon Redd Soph Corner at Rancho Cucamonga best corner I’ve seen in high school #Baller

It was nice to know that I had an impact on his offensive game plan because I know he wanted to get the ball to his best player and I wasn’t letting that happen. But it was humbling for Coach Johnson to put it out in the twitter verse (7000 Followers) where everyone in the world can see it including his fellow colleagues.

17. What’s the most important thing on a punt return after you catch the ball? That you realize the space between you and the first defender and making him miss.

18. What would it mean to play college football? It would be a great opportunity for me because my dream is to play in the league (NFL) and it mean even more because I will get a chance to prove to the pro scouts that I can play on their level.

19. Do you set goals for yourself before the season? My father has always taught and challenge me to have a plan and set goals in everything I do!

20. Is it difficult for you to understand the duties and assignments for all phases of the game? It’s as simple as you make it. I just pay attention when my coaches are talking. When new material is taught I focus in and learn it.

21. What did you think about that Odell Beckham Jr. Catch? (He laughed) I thought it was a great catch, I have not seen anything like that in the NFL ever since I have been watching it.

22. Best Returner Deion Sanders or Devin Hester? Devin Hester; he is one of the fast people to play the game.

23. Best Corner Deion or Revis? Deion, he could do it all, he was more of an athlete. You couldn’t outrun Deion, he could kick return, punt return, get into players head and Revis was a more consistently physical corner then I think prime was.

24. Best Receiver Jerry Rice or Randy Moss? Jerry Rice.

25. Best hands Hall Of Famer Cris Carter or Odell Beckham Jr.? (He laughed) Odell Beckham, look he caught that ball with three fingers!

26. What Hip Hop Artist raps like you play? Kendrick Lamar, because I believe through my hard work, I am the best in the country. And like he mentioned in his song titled “Control” I got love for all my contemporaries but I’m working to be better than every one of them. Its competition and I am raising the bar real high.

27. What did competing in the Jr. Olympics teach you about competition? It showed me that I was not the fastest kid in the country and that other kids are working hard or even harder than I was as a youth. It was a humbling experience for me but that’s why I train so hard now, it helped me understand that I have to compete and train on another level. Its levels to this game of football. It know now that I have to be a wolf and now I ready eat!

28. Who is Jaylon Redd? A sophomore scholar athlete with two strong parents, good character who always progressing to get better and who wants to prove to the world that one day I will play at the highest level and be recognized as one of the best to ever do it!




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