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Parker Witt, #25 in Arkansas 25 for 2015

Photo courtesy of Parker Witt/Hudl

Sometimes high school players have a position in mind that they want to play in college, if they have the talent to do so. Some of those players, are very hard headed, and have no interest in changing, even if that position change may present a better opportunity to play in college. Parker Witt though, has not been hard headed about his switch. After hearing from coaches that he would be better off playing defensive end, instead of wide receiver, Witt made the switch right away. He bought into the idea of being a defensive end, which is now paying big dividends for him.

Witt has a good frame, standing at 6’2” and weighing 218 pounds, for being a defensive end. He will be able to add weight to that and hopefully get up to around 245 initially. Witt has a strong upper body, recording a 305 pound bench press. That strength though also plays into some of the things that Witt must work on, moving into his final year at Dardanelle High School. Like it’s been said, Witt is strong in the upper body, but he has a tendency to only try and bull rush a tackle when he can’t just get by him with pure speed. He will have to open up a larger repertoire of pass rush and disengaging moves to be able to succeed in the next level, or at least at this point, prove to coaches that he can. Witt also has an issue just standing up when the ball is snapped. He needs to keep his center of gravity lower so that he can be more powerful. Right now, with the talent that he faces, Witt can get away with standing up, and just bull rushing or running by his opponent, but if coaches are going to take his game seriously, he is going to have to show that he can do those things, in game situations and not just at combines and camps. Witt being a former wide receiver has solid speed and that will pay off for him in the long run, but again, it can’t become a crutch for him now either. Witt has a lot of potential, if he could just kick some of these habits that far too many defensive ends have.

Witt has done a great job marketing himself, going to camp after camp and going to the biggest combines, national and regional, possible so that he can garner the most attention possible. To this point, Witt has coaches evaluating him from Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Missouri, on the Division I level. Witt also has attention from an FCS schools in Arkansas, Central Arkansas, and Division II Henderson State. Witt will likely camp hard like he has to this point this summer, trying to gain that first offer.

The Verdict: Parker Witt has a lot of potential, but he needs to fix the little things and he will open several more doors for himself. He is a solid athlete, and that is evident in his film. He needs to get stronger in his lower body, if there was a suggestion there. Right now, Witt would be a great addition at Central Arkansas, but maybe if he fixes these little things, he could work his way in on one of the SEC schools that is evaluating him.

Pros: Upper Body Strength, Speed

Cons: Myriad of Bad Habits, Lower Body Strength

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