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Package Deal? Twins Armanti & D’Onta Foreman explains, Huddle Up!

2014 WR Armanti “Money” Foreman, 5-11 178  Texas City High School, Texas City, TX
Armanti’s 2012 highlights

2014 RB D’Onta “Dee”  Foreman, 6-1 215  Texas City High School, Texas City, TX
D’Onta’s 2012 highlights


Coach Warren: Facilities, Uniforms, Tradition, Coaching Staff, Education? Which factor or combination of factors will be most important in your school choice?
AF: Education, Coaching Staff, & Tradition
DF: Education, Coaching Staff, & Tradition

Coach Warren: Is playing closer to home a big deal?
AF: I just want to find the best fit for me & if that’s means playing close to home, that’s great & if not it really doesn’t matter.
DF: It would really be nice so my parents could be closer, but it really isn’t that big of a deal.

Coach Warren: Is early playing time important?
AF: Playing early is very important to me & I’m looking for a school that I can hit the field early at.
DF: I would really like to play early but if I have to sit out a year to get my feet under me I don’t mind.

Coach Warren: What was your favorite college team growing up?
AF: Florida

Coach Warren: Who is your favorite College football coach and why?
AF: I don’t have one.
DF: I really don’t have one.

Coach Warren: What teams are showing you interest?
AF:  Oklahoma, Texas, A&M, Florida, Nebraska, Illinois, Baylor, Washington St, Kansas St, Houston, and Cal, those are all of the offers I have.
DF: Multiple teams are showing interest.

Coach Warren: Favorites? What stands out about your favorites?
AF: Florida because it has always been my favorite school & I can play early. Texas, A&M, & Oklahoma are standing out also because they have great schools & their close to home.
DF: I would say LSU is my favorite because that has always been my dream school.

Coach Warren: Time frame on a college choice?
AF: Signing day or one of the bowl games they have for the top athletes in 2014 class if I get selected to play in one.
DF: Until signing day.

Coach Warren: Will you take all your official visits?
AF: Yes.
DF: Yes I will.

Coach Warren: What schools are you interested in?
AF: Multiple schools.
DF: Multiple schools.

Coach Warren: What schools have offered you?
AF: Oklahoma, Texas, A&M, Florida, Nebraska, Illinois, Baylor, Washington St, Kansas St, Houston, and Cal
DF: Illinois, Washington St, & U of H.

Coach Warren: What’s your favorite college football conference and why?
AF: SEC because I feel that it’s the closest conference to the NFL & it puts a lot of people in the NFL.
DF: SEC is my favorite because it’s the toughest conference & they put a lot of people in the NFL.

Coach Warren: Who will win the BCS National Championship this season and why?
AF: Whoever is working the hardest and working towards that goal the most this spring.
DF: I really can’t answer that because there are a lot of good teams out there.

Coach Warren: What are your camp plans for the summer?
AF: We probably won’t go to very many this summer I really don’t know.
DF: I actually don’t think we will be attending any.

Coach Warren: Armanti, what prompted you to de-commit from OU?
AF: I didn’t feel totally committed to OU and I just wanted to be fair to Oklahoma, because I’ve been looking around at all schools and when your committed it’s not right to look around.

Coach Warren: D’Onta, what were your thoughts when Armanti de-committed fron OU?
DF: Well I feel it was a personal decision and it had nothing to do with the coaches he really just wanted to continue to look around & receive more offers so I feel it was the best thing.

Coach Warren: Are you‘ll a package deal in the recruiting process?
AF: yes sir.
DF: Yes we are!

Coach Warren: has any school(s) offered you’ll as a package deal?
AF: Yes, we have 3 of the same offers.
DF: Yes, all 3 schools that offered me offered him.

Coach Warren: What Person has inspired you the most in your life and why?
AF: Mother, Father, Grandmother, & Brother because they are with me everyday of my life and they know how to get the best out of me.
DF: I would say my grandmother because she is a strong person & she gives her all in everything she does.


Coach Demetric D. Warren
[email protected]



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