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“Next Up for Boyd Island”

In a discussion on leadership Thomas Edison once said “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”. In the case of Toure Boyd the road to success has not been easy but unlike some of those who allowed time to expire on their dreams, he was able to recognize how close he was and giving up was never a part of his plan.

Toure Boyd a (6’1 195lb) Defensive Back at Chaffey College was originally born in Long Beach California, but spent the first 14 years of his life Birmingham Alabama and from there his eyes were set on playing big time football in arguably the best college football conference in the country the SEC (South Eastern Conference) and eventually playing in the NFL. Those dreams were derailed when his parents decided to go their separate ways and Toure and his older brother Michael were heading west to California to start a new life with their mother.

Michel and Toure hit the ground running when they attended Rancho Cucamonga High School quickly becoming two of the best athletes in the program. Toure was a varsity starter as a sophomore and by the time his senior season came along Toure’s goal of playing college football were in his grasp, as he was set to attend Boise State University, when the NCAA derailed his dreams of playing division one football and red flagged his transcript for too many online courses, sending him to junior college. Toure played his first season almost 100 miles away from home at the College of the Desert and this season at Chaffey College.

It’s been 8 years and Toure has only been back to Birmingham once. However, after putting together one of the best seasons by any Defensive Back in the nation: 80 tackles, 2 interceptions, 10 passes broken ups, 2 forced fumbles, 2 recovered fumbles and 4 blocks on special teams along with scoring 1 touchdown and that train that was once derailed is back on its tracks and headed to the SEC to the University Of South Carolina.
We caught up with Toure to discuss his journey, the SEC, his mindset and much more.


  1. How excited are you to be playing in the SEC?

It’s exciting! But my goal is to get to the league so I can’t get too excited; it’s time to stay focus on the things in front of me.

  1. What was your mindset after the not going D-1 out of High School?

It was a disappointment!  I started not believing in myself, I started to thinking about Division 2 colleges and my uncle told me not to go D-2 so I attend College of the Desert Junior College then Chaffey and everything worked out.

  1. What was that like at College Of The Desert?

I had to work and pay rent. I was living in a 2 bedroom with six people, sleeping on the floor; I never bought a bed when I was there. It was a grimy grind, I had to bear down, get my grades and finish school.

  1. Why was Chaffey College a perfect fit for you?

It was closer to home which made it a better fit for me. I played corner when I moved to Chaffey and one of our safeties was not panning out at that position so the coaches asked me if I could play safety and I said “not a problem” and I showed everyone that I can play both.

  1. How did you maintain a positive mindset and still be a leader on the team?

My parents have done a great job instilling in me good morals and core values. My Father Michael Boyd Sr. has taught me to be accountable and my mother Rishawn Schells, she has meant the world to me. She is a professional in every sense of the word. She is a certified accountant who is great at what she does, we attend church every together and she always reminds I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I love what my parents have done for me.

  1. Recruiting will be picking up for you now that you picked up this SEC offer up until signing day?

It’s early in recruiting I’m not sure what to expect but even if things pick up, I don’t need another school to offer me to validate my talent! It does not take 10 offers to know that I’m good, the first offer validated how good I am.

  1. Darrell Revis has his own island, they tell me you have one too call Boyd Island?

I took it from Revis of course. It’s a place where receivers go but don’t return. It’s like Alcatraz!

  1. What makes you a good Defensive back?

I have always been a physical player with good off-man and press coverage. Me playing corner and safety I can do what most people don’t.  Most teams are looking for players that can play both and I feel like I possess the skills that allow me to play any position in the defensive backfield.

  1. Tell me about your Press and Off-man techniques?

It starts with my fundamentals, last year when I was a freshmen I played very physical and now after training and learning new techniques in the offseason I have incorporated a balance to my game and now I’m not as thirsty for a jam and my catch technique I very good.

  1. Off-Man?

Well my head coach, coach Hadaway is the DB coach and it’s all technique first of all. I’m real good with the 3-step read and eye progression, eye discipline, very good change of direction stuff.

  1. Where do you train?

Coach Hadaway and I train at the Toby Gerhart treadmills in Norco California and the Winners Circle in California.

  1. Are you ready to handle the big Wide Receivers in the SEC?

I don’t look at it like if I’m ready for them. My mindset is are they ready for Boyd Island! They have been going up against top SEC talent but they have not gone against someone who didn’t think they would receive this opportunity and play against someone who will be as hungry as me!

  1. What have you learned from film preparation?

Coach Hadaway taught me well! I watch so much film I feel like I have develop a relationship with the players I am playing against which puts me a step ahead of the game, making me 10 times better because I watch film. My IQ for the game is another thing that guards me on defense.

  1. Other School on the West Coast might start coming after you now that South Carolina has offered. So are you set on playing in the SEC?

It’s not the Conference! It’s who is validating my skills, who’s   telling me the truth and who’s going to bring me in to do what I want to do to help their program. This was the first school to contact me in the dead period, this is a good school and programs so why not come here. Why would I wait on these other schools? They already had the opportunity to watch my film and offer me a scholarship. Now I feel like it’s too late. I need to know what I have to do now.

  1. Who’s your favorite DB and why?

Deion Sanders. He has extreme confidence and that means everything. He has fun playing and gets in the heads of his opponents.

  1.  What do you miss about south?

My Family! That’s what I miss the most and the passion for the game of football from the fans. It’s just different in the south.

  1. Are you ready to play in front of 80,250 fans at Williams-Brice Stadium?

I’m ready to play in the league! (NFL)

  1. Why are you so confident in yourself?

Why not! After everything I have been through why not believe in myself and think outside of the box? If I don’t tell myself that I’m going to the NFL, If I don’t tell myself that going to be a first round draft pick then it’s already gone. I’m no different that Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota is just a different name to me. The only limit in life is the one you set on yourself!

  1. How come you did not let bitterness take over your life when you watched your friends go D-1 while you were left behind?

I didn’t get bitter, having to go JC humbled me! I watched guys on TV that I helped in high school, taught them coverages and how to play the defensive scheme and had better stats than they did. That put a chip on my shoulder and made me grind harder. It was an eye opener for me.

  1. It was like you were an outsider?

It was like I was eating in the dining room with them having steak and now all of a sudden I’m starving looking at them outside of the window and that’s what help me refocus and get to where I am now.

  1. What do you know about Steve Spurrier?

He’s a great coach, a winner, runs an excellent program. He gets his players to the league and protects his guys.

  1. Who recruited on the South Carolina staff?

Grady Brown the DB Coach, he is from Alabama and I’m really getting to know him.

  1. What has the conversation been like with Coach Brown?

It’s been great. He has been open and honest with me. He told me all the reasons why they offered me a scholarship. They weren’t looking at me at first, someone de-committed and a spot opened up and that I would make an impact in the program faster than a freshman would and I would have the opportunity to start. Coach Brown and I talked every day, he is encouraging me to be a better young man and a model student athlete.

  1. What kind of music do you listen too?

I listen to rap, R&B and the funny thing is I will listen to Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven when I am studying to help me focus.

  1. Do you respect the game of football and why?

Yes, I am very passionate about this game and I do respect it! Because, if you don’t it will disrespect you! I respect the game of football because it is a very passionate game that I fell in love with at a very young age; football teaches moral lessons and creates bonds between young men.






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