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Nathanial Evans: 2016 Louisiana Spotlight

Over the years, college football has produced numerous great young linebackers. The state of Louisiana has been one that has produced more than its share of great players at the line backing position. People all throughout the southern United States that follow football are familiar with John Curtis High School in New Orleans, Louisiana. Major college football programs spend huge amounts of time scouting recruits that take the field for John Curtis. They can justify doing this because scouts know is not “if”, but when “when”, John Curtis will send the next great college player their way. Nathanial Evans will likely be that next great player. College football programs throughout the South and beyond will be scouting Evans this offseason and especially during the upcoming regular season.

The goal for John Curtis High this fall is simple, win the state title once again. The Patriots have won the state title three years in a row and the 2014 season is yet another opportunity to add some additional hardware to the trophy case. All told, the Patriots have won the Louisiana State title 26 times and the high school National Championship in 2012. Nathanial is already on the radar of some high profile college football powerhouses and this is one high school player to watch in 2014.

In the conversations I have had with the young man, Evans is a polite, gracious, and well-spoken young man and is keenly focused on improving his game during the offseason. Evans will be spending most of his summer attending college camps. Ole Miss has already sent an invite to attend the camp that the Rebels coaching staff puts on and it will bear paying attention to the progress that will be made there by Evans. Other schools such as Nebraska and Oklahoma are hoping to get Evans to attend the camps held in Lincoln and Norman, respectively. The tips, techniques, strategies, and coaching gained from summer camps will only benefit Evans this fall and those benefits should be on display when September gets here.

Evans is one of those guys that anyone would love to coach or teach. I asked Evans about which line backing spot he prefers to play and he was very clear that he is willing to play anywhere on the field as long as he gets to hit someone. The stats on this young linebacker are impressive. At 6’3”, 230 pounds and terrific speed at 4.5 seconds in the forty, it’s plain to see why some big name college programs have their scouts following Nathaniel. The size and speed that Evans has is something every team in the SEC looks for and it will fun to watch this young man decide whether to stay in Louisiana, or the SEC, or perhaps set his sights somewhere farther from home when the time comes to play college ball. Meanwhile, Evans is going to be a key player for John Curtis High over the next two years. However, by February 2016, the suspense will be over and we will all know who he will put the pads on for as he begins his college career. My advice is for folks to keep watching because the best is yet to come for Nathanial Evans.



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