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Morian Walker II: California Spotlight 2016

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I watch game film whenever I have time to do so. Morian Walker’s film is one that I have watched several times and I continue to be impressed with each viewing. Walker is a 2016 recruit that shows in his film that he already deserves the attention of recruiters and that is exactly what he is getting from several West Coast schools. Walker is already drawing the attention of UCLA, Oregon State, and California. From viewing this film, most people can see that he is a difficult young man to bring down. The first man will not bring Walker down alone; it will take the second or third man to get him down.

Walker has lined up all over the field for Valley Christian High School in San Jose, California. Walker has that much needed patience when choosing the running lane and is a good decision maker when picking the holes. The more film I watch, the more impressed I became with Morian’s receiving ability. Morian can line up at the receiver spot and make the plays that a skill player should be able to make when lining up out of the backfield. At this point, I think it may be tough to get him out of California area and away from schools like UCLA and California but he still has a long recruitment ahead of him and things could change.

Visiting with the recruits is always an interesting experience for me and with Morian it was no different than the other young men I have interviewed. Morain has a good head on his shoulders and is a very determined and driven individual. Walker is an intelligent young man that his goals set. Being invited to the Rivals 250 Underclassmen Challenge will just help solidify those goals. Football fans should be prepared to see Morian show up on an increasing number of college radar screens after the Underclassmen Challenge. Walker’s attitude should not be a problem because he is a terrific person to talk and his work ethic is not a question either. For the fans of PAC-12 football, be prepared to keep an eye on him cause I have a feeling PAC-12 schools have the best shot with Walker at the moment. However, I have no doubt Walker will receive national recruiting attention over the course of the next year so stay tuned.




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