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Meet 2016 QB Logan Byrd, Huddle Up!

2016 QB Logan Byrd, 6-3 220 Veterans High School, Kathleen, GA

Logan’s 2012 highlights

Trained by QB Guru Tony Ballard

Coach Warren: Facilities, Uniforms, Tradition, Coaching Staff, Education? Which factor or combination of factors will be most important in your school choice?
Logan Byrd: My ranking would be Education, Coaching Staff, Facilities, and Tradition. Though football beyond college would probably be any collegiate football player’s dream, planning for my career after college is more important. Getting the right education in a discipline of my choice will be the cornerstone of my success. Having the right coaching staff around me for 4 years is a very close second in importance.

Coach Warren: School location, is playing closer to home a big deal?
Logan Byrd:I’ve been thinking more and more about this…. with interest coming from schools in the Northeast and the Mid-West along with the Schools here in the Southeast- it is exciting. However, having my parents, brother and sisters, and friends come to see me play at games is also important to me. Its still early, with my graduation from HS in 2016, and I don’t want to rule out options. I don’t believe location would be an absolute deal breaker.

Coach Warren: Early playing time, is that important?
Logan Byrd:  I love to compete, and I love being on the field as a QB on game day- so to ask do I want to play early? Of course I will say yes. Is that realistic to think I will play some my freshman year? Maybe, possibly, but I know there is so much to learn with the offense and from the older QB’s that are on the roster. I would want to earn the team’s respect as a QB. Now the other consideration during the recruiting process that I am looking at is also where would I fit into the team’s “rotation” of QB’s on the roster? Are there several 2015’s ahead of me that would delay my opportunity to start sooner as a QB? I believe it would be difficult for me to wait that 3 or 4 years and to only play a season. I am going to compete and try to earn the trust and respect of the Coaches to have the opportunity to start early.

Coach Warren: Who was your favorite college team growing up?
Logan Byrd: Georgia Bulldogs

Logan Byrd w/ UGA OC Mike Bobo

Coach Warren: Who are you receiving mail from? Who’s recruiting you?
Logan Byrd: This Spring (2013) has been busy and exciting for me after completing my freshman season on the Varsity team as the QB. The greatest interest so far with Spring Game invites – Georgia, Clemson, and Auburn. Schools that have already spoke to our Head Coach about me and plan on coming to our school during Spring Practice (May 6th thru 17th) are Georgia, Auburn, Clemson, South Carolina, and Duke. Colleges that are requesting that I attend a camp this summer are as follows:
SEC: Georgia, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas
ACC: Clemson, Miami, Florida State, Duke
Big 10: Michigan
Big 12: Iowa State
Ivy League: Princeton Tigers
Sun Belt Conference: Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders

Coach Warren: Favorites? What stands out about your favorites?
Logan Byrd: I have several favorites on my list, however, what I saw and experienced during my visit during the Spring Games at Georgia, Clemson, and Auburn that impressed me were the facilities, (weight rooms, indoor fields, player lounges, etc.), and then the actual football stadiums and fields and all the fans! The staff and coaches at all 3 schools made me feel important and glad I was there. I can see myself as a QB on the field at a D1 school with 80,000 plus screaming fans!

Coach Warren: Time frame on a college choice?
Logan Byrd: I would like to have it nailed down before the start of my senior year season. That would give me a chance to really relax and enjoy my senior year and probably take some stress off Dad and mom. That gives me a couple of seasons before a final decision could be made.

Coach Warren: Will you take all your official visits?
Logan Byrd: Probably so. At this point I don’t know much about that process and how many I can take.

Coach Warren: Post-season accolades, stats, All-Star games?
Logan Byrd: I have been to several showcase camps this off-season. They included:

4/12/2013 – ELITE 11 QB regional Competition in Atlanta (only Freshman QB at camp)
4/07/2013 – RIVALS Camp Series presented by Under Armour – (Invite Only)
3/10/2013 “Rivals VTO Sports PREP 100” Atlanta Camp (Finished in Top 5 QB’s of the 26 at camp)
2/24/2013 “Scouts MVP ” Valdosta Camp – Top Underclassman QB recognition (Rated in Top 5 of 30 at camp)

Logan Byrd: The accolades and stats for my 9th grade Varsity season included –
9th Grade – Varsity Football QB for Veterans Warhawks 4AAAA (Warner Robins, GA)
As a Freshman QB on the Varsity Squad…..
– Played in 9 of the 10 games, and Started as QB in 6 out of the 10 season games.
– Tied for 1st place in the County with 9 TD passes (of the 6 QB’s tracked in the County)
– Finished 3rd of 6 QB’s in the County with passing yards (This was under a Dual-QB system for 8 games)
– Finished 3rd of 16 inthe County with 11 Rushing TD’s.
*Sports Mic Radio Recognition (All-County Sports Radio/Internet Show for the 5 local Highschool teams)
– 2012 Sports Mic All County Football Team – Honorable Mention as QB
– McDonald’s Offensive Player of week vs. Baldwin (11/9)
– McDonald’s Offensive Player of week vs. West Laurens (10/26) (TD pass & good field leadership)
– McDonald’s Offensive Player of week vs. Westside Macon (9/21) (4 touchdowns)
*Coaches Individual Player Awards (2012 season)
– Offensive Player of the week vs. Baldwin Braves (11/9)
– “Big Hit of the week”
vs. Mary Persons Bulldogs (11/2) Yes, the QB got this Team Award!
– “Offensive Player of the week vs. West Laurens Raiders (10/26)
– Warhawk “Perfect Attendance” for Football Practice & Events – 2012

Coach Warren:Have you taken any unofficial visits, are you planning some now?
Logan Byrd: No, I have not.

Coach Warren: What schools are you interested in?
Logan Byrd: I like colleges in the SEC and the ACC, but I’m not ruling out schools in other conferences. I’m looking for the football team where I’m the right fit and can help a team win.

Coach Warren: What schools have offered you?
Logan Byrd: None at this point. However, interest has been high from a number of top schools in the SEC and the ACC. That’s been pretty cool so far.

Coach Warren: What are your camp plans for the summer?
Logan Byrd: My Dad and I have been working out my schedule for camps in June and July. With over 15 serious invites to camps thus far, it makes it difficult to choose. Right now I plan to attend camps at Georgia, Clemson, Auburn, South Carolina, Miami, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Duke.

Coach Warren: What will be the determining factor in choosing your school?
Logan Byrd: If all other factors were equal, (educational offerings, facilities, level of scholarship, tradition etc.), I believe the deciding factor would weigh heavily on the Coaches (Offensive Coordinator & QB Coaches coaching style, track record, integrity and faith). To spend 4 years with these men, I want it to be a good fit.

Coach Warren: What Person has inspired you the most in your life and why?
Logan Byrd: My Dad. He has always been there to push me when I didn’t want to do it. Always making me strive to do better. With football, if it wasn’t for my Dad’s help, I would not be sitting here now with the letters from colleges and camp invites so early in my High School football. He has really directed the exposure and recognition that has come my way thus far. My Dad has a saying, “ the separation is in the preparation,” and that’s so true in football and in school. My Dad wants me to have the opportunity to become the best QB/man that I can be.


-Demetric D. Warren
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