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Meet 2015 WR Freddie Phillips, Huddle Up!

2015 Stud WR Freddie Phillips, 6-2 175, Pelion High School, Pelion, SC

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Coach Warren: Facilities, Uniforms, Tradition, Coaching Staff, Education? Which factor or combination of factors will be most important in your school choice?

FP: Family like atmosphere, education

Coach Warren: School location, Is playing closer to home a big deal?

FP: Playing close to home is not a big deal

Coach Warren: Early playing time, Is that important?

FP: Yeah but I’ll work hard and earn the time

Coach Warren: What was you favorite college team growing up?

FP: My family was split between Clemson and South Carolina growing up but I was pulling for Florida!

Coach Warren: Have you been invited to any Jr Days or Combines?

FP: Yes South Carolina, and NC State. NFTC, and Rivals elite camp.

Coach Warren: Who are you receiving mail from? Who’s recruiting you?

FP: NC State, UNC, FSU, LSU, Michigan, South Carolina, Virgina

Coach Warren: Favorites? What stands out about your favorites?

FP: No favorites keeping it open to all

Coach Warren: Time frame on a college choice?

FP: No specific time frame

Coach Warren: Will you take all your official visits?

FP: I can’t say for sure right now.

Coach Warren: Have you taken any unofficial visits, are you planning some now?

FP: Yes I’ve been to Clemson, South Carolina and NC State a few times. I’m visiting Florida this weekend

Coach Warren: What schools are you interested in?

FP: All schools right now

Coach Warren: What schools have offered you?

FP: None yet

Coach Warren: What are your camp plans for the summer?

FP: Florida, FSU

Coach Warren: What camps did you attend last summer?

FP: Clemson, South Carolina

Coach Warren: What will be the determining factor in choosing your school?

FP: The place that I feel like best fits for me. A place where I can enjoy my college experience, compete on a high level, and get a degree in engineering

Coach Warren: What Person has inspired you the most in your life and why?

FP: My father, because he has never quit and pushing me and won’t let me quit at anything in life either.



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