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Meet 2015 Stud ATH Dontae Strickland, Huddle Up!


2015 ATH Dontae Strickland, 5-11 180, South Brunswick High School, Monmouth Junction, NJ

Dontae’s 2012 highlights


Coach Warren: School location,  Is playing closer to home a big deal?
DS: Of course, playing close to home would mean a lot of family and friends could come out and see me perform as if I never left my home town.

Coach Warren: Early playing time, Is that important?
DS: Yes, I feel that I can compete at the college level as soon as I get to whatever college I go to.

Coach Warren: Have you been invited to any Jr.Days or Combines?
DS: I’ve been invited to a few combines recently, I’m going to an Under Armour combine April 27th.

Coach Warren: Who are you receiving mail from?  Who’s recruiting you?
DS: Only from Rutgers and some from UConn as of now, and those two schools are the only ones recruiting me so far.

Coach Warren: Favorites?  What stands out about your favorites?
DS: Favorite out of those two schools has to be Rutgers. The fact that its close to home, they’re going to be in the BIG10 when I graduate also stands out about them too.

Coach Warren: Time-frame on a college choice?
DS: I’d have to say probably after my senior football season or around signing day to make my choice.

Coach Warren: Will you take all your official visits?
DS: Probably just take the ones that are my dreams schools, or somewhere I can picture myself playing at one day.

Coach Warren: Will you graduate early?
DS: Don’t have a decision on that yet.

Coach Warren: Post-season accolades?  Stats?  All-Star games?
DS: Led the team in all-purpose yards. Also been invited to elite camps,  no all-star games.

Coach Warren: Any unofficial visits
DS: Rutgers was the only unofficial visit so far.

Coach Warren: What schools are you interested in?
DS: SEC, ACC, Big10, and some  PAC12 schools.

Coach Warren: What schools have offered you?
DS: No not yet.

Coach Warren: What are your camp plans for the summer?
DS: To attend some camps at Rutgers, and any other schools that send me information.

Coach Warren: What camps did you attend last summer?
DS: I didn’t attend any camps.

Coach Warren: What will be the determining factor in choosing your school?
DS: Where I would fit the best, and my family.

Coach Warren: Are you qualified academically?
DS: Yes.

Coach Warren: What areas do you need to improve on this summer?
DS: Blocking and speed.



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