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Meet 2015 Ohio TE C.J. Conrad

When you’re only a Sophomore, and you already pull in accolades such as First Team All-PAC, All-Northeast Lake District, All-Morning Journal, Division IV Third-Team All-Ohio, you have to be good. Meet soon-to-be Junior, 4 Star TE C.J. Conrad. With his 6-5, 225 pound frame, Conrad is able to go up top and snag catches with ease over smaller defenders. With quickness and great athleticism, it is easy to see why Conrad was able to record 60 catches, 930 yards, and 14 Touchdowns last season.

Although most colleges offer scholarships in recruits’ Junior and Senior year, Conrad has been able to pull in four offers already. Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Toledo are the first to offer the talented Tight End out of Ohio thus far, but interest is already pouring in from all over. Ohio State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Michigan State, and Northwestern, among others, are calling already.

I recently caught up with C.J. about his recruitment, his upcoming Junior Season, and his goals for the future. Here’s my conversation with the star Tight End out of La Grange, Ohio:

RK: What’s up man? I’m here with Recruit Kentucky. How are you doing?

CC: I’m doing good.

RK: Good Man. So you got that 4th offer from UK, how does it feel?

CC: Very exciting, extremely honored to be given the opportunity that I could play in the SEC one day.

RK: What other offers do you have?

CC: Toledo, Illinois, Indiana, and now Kentucky.

RK: Who are you most interested in right now?

CC: I have not really seen anyone’s facilities but Indiana’s so it’s tough to say who right now.

RK: What coaching staffs have you talked to so far?

CC: Indiana’s and Toledo’s are the only ones I’ve talked to in person. Kentucky and Illinois over the phone.

RK: Have any of them seen you in person, or just through film?

CC: I went to Indiana and Toledo for camp. But Kentucky and Illinois were through film

RK: That shows a lot if a coach will offer a scholarship just by watching tape. What does that mean to you, to have them offer a scholarship just by watching film?

CC: It means a lot. It shows that what I did last year was done the right way and caught eyes of big time college programs, also makes me want to have an even better season to help my team win, and catch eyes of more colleges.

RK: For sure. What are your goals for this upcoming season? You think you can top the 930 yards and 14 touchdowns you had last year?

CC: It’s gonna be tough. I think we are going to try to get me the ball in different ways this year, not just receiving. But whatever makes our team win is what I want, because double teams become a factor like they did toward the end of the season last year, but that opens up other players on the team.

RK: A player that puts team first wins coaches over in the long run. That’s a great mentality to have. Speaking of team play, what are your team goals for this year?

CC: Conference championship, and playoffs.

RK: What camps do you plan on attending in the future? I saw you already attended OSU and Akron camp. What else are you going to do?

CC: I’m done for camps this summer. I was at Northwestern, Penn State, Toledo, Indiana, and Bowling Green as well this summer.

RK: What visits do you plan on going on before you make a decision for college?

CC: I have to see who else will offer, then decide my visits.

RK: Do you plan on visiting your 4 offers, UK, Toledo, Illinois, and Indiana again?

CC: I would like to. Just have to figure that out still.

RK: It’s a long way away, I’m sure, but when do you want to make a college decision?

CC: Definitely before my senior season begins.

RK: Who’s your dream school? If there’s one team you want an offer from, who would it be?

CC: Born in Ohio, so I gotta say Ohio State. But I also have to see where I would fit.

RK: For sure. What plays into your college choice?

CC: Where I fit, mostly. Campus, facilities, and coaching staff.

RK: What did you like about each of the coaching staffs you’ve talked to, whether it be on the phone or in person?

CC: Just how they relate to their players and how they approach situations.

RK: Who has been your favorite coaching staff so far that you’ve talked to?

CC: I really like Indiana’s, but I haven’t talked in person to UK and Illinois.

RK: Who did you talk to on the phone at UK? What did they say to you?

CC: Tight End coach. He just said he really liked my film, and said they are recruiting Ohio hard.

RK: That’s Vince Marrow. He’s known for attacking Ohio hard, already getting 9 commitments from Ohio for the 2014 class. Does that interest you about Kentucky, the fact that Ohio is a priority for them, making sure they get the top players from your state, and already giving you an offer?

CC: It’s definitely exciting that Kentucky thinks of me that way. Very honored.

RK: What’s a message to the fans trying to learn more about you? What do you bring to the table, and what will you bring to the table at whatever college you choose to attend?

CC: I’m a guy that will run the best routes I can, catch the football in a crowd or in space and make a play with it once I get it in my hands.

RK: For sure man. How’s training and practice going for this upcoming season? What have you done to prepare yourself?

CC: I have a trainer that works me out 3 days a week and work on speed 2 days. In season I lift 2 days a week.

RK: Have you seen improvement from last year from your training? Body wise, speed wise, and how prepared you are?

CC: I gained 20 pounds of muscle this offseason, and gained speed on my 40. I’m stronger and faster than last year.

RK: What’s your 40 time down to?

CC: 4.78

RK: Do you have a goal to get down to this year? By Senior year, what is your 40 time goal to get down to?

CC: Very low 4.7, but 10 pounds heavier.

RK: So what kind of Tight End/Receiver would you say you were: Speed or Power?

CC: Speed

RK: What do you think your best attribute is?

CC: My hands and route running ability.

RK: What schools do you believe will be offering you by the time you make a final decision?

CC: I’m not sure. I have about 8 to 10 more schools that are definitely interested. They just want to see my film this year.

RK: You think you’re going to get that Ohio State offer before it’s all over?

CC: They are interested, they just want to see if I can block, so I guess my play on film for blocking will determine that.

RK: What about rankings, what does that mean to you?

CC: gave me a 4 star ranking.

RK: How does it feel to be a 4 star recruit?

CC: Very good, there are some really good 4 star players out there and it’s exciting to be in that group.

RK: Good to hear. Thank you for the interview man. I appreciate it.

CC: No problem! Thank you!

As you can see, C.J. Conrad has the talent to perform at a high level in college, and plans to work each and every day on reaching his goal to do so. With size, strength, and speed, he will give whichever college he decides to attend a huge playmaker. Follow along with his recruitment here, only at Varsity Preps!







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