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Meet 2015 KY Safety Kameron Smith


VP had the pleasure of interviewing Kameron Smith, who hails from Louisville, Kentucky. Kameron is a physical hard hitting safety at Fern Creek Traditional High School. Let’s learn what Kameron had to tell us in his recent interview:

Patrick: What is your current height and playing weight?
Kameron: “I’m 5’10 and 165 lbs.”

Patrick: What was your fastest 40 time?
Kameron: “I haven’t ran a 40 time yet.”

Patrick: What position is UK recruiting you?
Kameron: “I don’t know I haven’t got in contact with Kentucky yet. If I do hear from them my position is most likely going to be defensive back.”

Patrick: Which schools are currently recruiting you the hardest?
Kameron: “I haven’t been in contact with anyone yet. I should be talking to some schools after my junior year.”

Patrick: Do you have any visits planned or schools that you’d like to visit?
Kameron: “I haven’t really thought about any visits much. I want to attend a really good college because education has always been key to me.”

Patrick: Are you trying to attend any camps?
Kameron: “Yes sir, I have several camps in mind that I would like to go to.”

Patrick: What camps are you considering of attending and do you know the dates of those camps?
Kameron: “I don’t know the dates.I want to attend some camps at Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and Florida. The one I really want attend is a Nike Sparq Combine.”

Patrick: Do you currently have a top 5 or favorite?
Kameron: “I grew up as a Kentucky fan but now I’m just waiting on to see if I can get interest from any school.

Patrick: What are a some of the factors you will be looking at or for the most in helping you to find the right fit?
Kameron: “I will be looking for is a school that has tradition and with a huge fan base because I love to play in front a large crowd.”

Patrick: What strengths do you bring to the field and what should fans look for in your game?
Kameron: “My strengths I bring to the game is leadership.I like to set the tempo and Im really physical and I think as a db now days you have to be.”

Patrick: What things are you working on the most this Summer to improve your game?
Kameron: “Have been working on getting stronger everywhere. Last year as a sophomore I started varsity every game and felt like I wasn’t strong as everyone. I been working really hard at getting stronger.I also have been working on my footwork,speed and looking at film seeing what I can add to my game in order to get better as a safety.”

Kameron Smith Sophmore Highlights




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