Varsity Preps

Meet 2015 Elite CB Xavier Lewis, Huddle Up!

Xavier Lewis, 6-1 180 CB, East St. John High School, Reserve, LA

Xavier Lewis 2012 Highlights

Coach Warren: Facilities, uniforms, tradition, coaching staff, education? Which factor or combination of factors will be most important in your school choice?

XL: All of them except the uniforms, uniforms will not play a role in my choice.

Coach Warren: School location, is playing closer to home a big deal? 

XL: Not really, but I want to play in the SEC.

Coach Warren: Early playing time, is that important?

XL: Very, can’t get to the next level on the bench.

Coach Warren: What was your favorite college team growing up?

XL:  LSU and Texas.

Coach Warren: Have you been invited to any Jr Days or Combines? 

XL: Only NUC.

Coach Warren: Who are you receiving mail from? Who’s recruiting you? 

XL: Mississippi State, LSU, and Georgia Tech.

Coach Warren: Favorites? What stands out about your favorites?

XL: None as of now. I like everybody.

Coach Warren: Time frame on a college choice?

XL: Time will tell my decision.

Coach Warren: Will you take all your official visits?

XL: Only the ones I’m most interested in.

Coach Warren: Post-season accolades, stats, All-Star games?

XL: Honorable mention all district my freshman year. Max prep All American 2nd team defense my sophomore year.

Coach Warren: Have you taken any unofficial visits, are you planning some now?

XL: Just FSU this spring. Yes planning a lot.

Coach Warren: What schools are you interested in?

XL: FSU, Florida, LSU, Miami, Texas A&M, Texas, USC, and Alabama.

Coach Warren: What schools have offered you?

XL: Tulane

Coach Warren: What are your camp plans for the summer?

XL: Visit and camp at all the schools I’m interested in.

Coach Warren: What camps did you attend last summer?

XL: Tulane and LSU

Coach Warren: What person has inspired you the most in your life and why?

XL: My mother because she has raised me to be the good young man that I am without a father figure in my life. I really appreciate her for that. 



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