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Meet 2015 APB Triston Luke

I recently caught up with Kentucky 2015 All-Purpose Back Triston Luke. Luke is known as the quick, speedy back, with great agility and explosiveness. His footwork is incredible, along with his change of direction, which allows him to get into the open field with ease. Rushing for 1935 yards and 32 Touchdowns last season, it is easy to see why his recruitment is expected to boom in the future. Right now he’s listed as an “under the radar” prospect, but before long, schools across the country will be clambering for his services.

Heading into only his Junior season, Luke has quite a ways to go before heading off to college, but that doesn’t mean he’s not preparing himself. He has big goals coming up for his Junior year, along with his recruitment. Find out directly from Triston himself, only here at Varsity Preps!

RK: What’s up man? How’s it going?

TL: Hey sir, I’m doing pretty good. Yourself?

RK: I’m pretty good. How’s your recruitment been looking? Getting some interest?

TL: Recruiting hasn’t been too hot for me yet. Coach Brown from UK and Coach Donovan from Vandy came down to my school once, but no real strong interest. I’m looking to spark more interest this upcoming season.

RK: What are your goals for this season? You think you have the opportunity to play big and pull in some offers?

TL: Yes sir definitely. I’ve put in a lot of work this off season, and I’m more physically and mentally prepared than I’ve ever been. Goals of mine are to increase my rushing yardage from last year and help lead my team through the season and playoffs.

RK: Good man. What schools are you interested in?

TL: University of Kentucky, Vanderbilt, University of South Florida, but I’m open to the possibility to play at any program.

RK: What do you like about those programs?

TL: The location of Vanderbilt and Kentucky are close to home because we’re stationed at Fort Campbell. I’ve attended both school’s camps and I think I’d fit into both of their programs. I know that the education opportunity will allow me to pursue my goal in sports medicine /exercise science. My family is originally from Florida and my uncle graduated from USF. I believe those same education opportunities will be available there.

RK: What do you think of the coaching staff at UK, Vandy, and USF?

TL: I haven’t met any coaches at USF, but I really like both UK and Vandy’s coaching staff. They have similar traits. They are genuine guys that get work done on the field.

RK: What did Neal Brown say to you when he visited?

TL: We didn’t talk then. We were practicing and he talked to my coach some and left a questionnaire and a little card for me.

RK: What’d those things say? The questionnaire and card?

TL: The card was just contact information, and it was just a general questionnaire about my stats, maxes, personal information, etc.

RK: What about the visit with Coach Donovan at Vandy? How was that?

TL: My coach called me down to his office just to meet him. He said he found about me from being the MVP at the Memphis NFTC. He left a camp brochure and a contact card as well.

RK: Speaking of the NFTC, what other camps are you planning on doing this year?

TL: I haven’t thought a whole lot about it, but I’ll probably stick to the NFTC, and a lot of school camps.

RK: How’d your last camp go? How’d you perform?

TL: Which one? NFTC?

RK: Yes sir.

TL: I went to the one in Columbus and I wasn’t real satisfied with my performance. I didn’t do terribly, just not enough to set myself apart.

RK: What are you going to do on the field this year to separate yourself?

TL: Continue to play every play of the game like it’s the last, if I have the ball or not. Also, to contribute on the defensive side of the ball.

RK: How soon do you plan on making a decision for college?

TL: I’m not too sure, maybe the beginning of my Senior year.

RK: You think you’ll commit to the first school that offers?

TL: No sir, I’d like to wait and see if other opportunities come about.

RK: Who’s your dream school?

TL: Vanderbilt

RK: What are your goals stats wise this year? How many yards, TDs, etc.?

TL: 2500 yards Rushing and 40 TDs is my goal. Last year I had 1935 yards Rushing and 32 TDs.

RK: You’re close to it, it won’t be easy, but you think you can pull it off?

TL: I believe I can. I’m ready to work for it.

RK: Good man, that’s the right mentality to have. Good luck this season. I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

TL: Thank you sir.

Triston Luke is prepared to explode onto the scene this season. We’ll be along for the ride, only here at Varsity Preps.



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