Varsity Preps

Man Amongst Boys!!! Elijah Watson #60 JR DE/DT G

The 6’4″ 275 pounds Elijah Watson is a man amongst boys where the game is won and lose in the trenches. Watson plug holes behind the line of scrimmage, he swim move between two offensive linemen, he bull rushes through triple teams, and when he gets to the ball carrier he makes his presence known. His strength is immense as he changes ball carriers course of direction when he gets his hands on them, and bring them down hard. And he’s an iron man!

On the offensive side of the ball he plays both left and right guard. He pulls on sweeps showcasing his 4.9 40 speed and destroys opponents in his wake. His explosion off the ball is only challenged by the explosion of his collisions. If I would had known I’d see so many pancakes I would have brought some syrup!

Watson is receiving mail from Purdue, Georgia Tech, App State and Missouri. And has unofficially visited Purdue, App State, and Louisville. The two that stands out are Purdue because he thinks that their campus is beautiful, and App State because he says they are a winning program. The 2014 1st Team All Regions, and 2015 1st Team All Area is interested Temple, Penn State, Rutgers, and UMass. His favorite football conference is the SEC and he plans to attend a lot of camps this summer.

Twitter name @watsonelijah_



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