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Louisiana 2016 Top QBs vs Elite 11 2016 Watchlist

November 22, 2014

While the 2016 playoffs are well underway in Louisiana, and throughout the country, the nations top Quarterbacks have the opportunity to separate themselves from the “vast sea” of signal callers.  Yards gained through the air has become the gold standard of QB performance.  The experts know all too well, that passing yardage is only part of the story.  Quarterback passer rating (or QB efficiency) is a more complete measurement of on the field performance.  The ability to protect the football (low interception to attempt ratio) is key.  It measures the QB’s ability to read defenses, and avoid costly turnovers.  But after all is said and done, perhaps the most important statistic of all, is WINS!   No matter what the statistics may say, we say to our signal callers, (in the spirit of the legendary Al Davis), “Just Win Baby”!

While scrolling twitter this week, we noticed a link to an Elite 11 tweet entitled Tracking the nation’s top Class of 2016 QBs including POW Keon Howard”.  Though all of the young men listed there are fine quarterbacks, our  curiosity got the best of us.  So we pulled in the numbers of sixty-two (62) 2016 quarterbacks listed on the Elite 11 tracker site, and combined them with Louisiana’s top performers graduating in 2016.  The results were impressive.  We created three charts for our analysis: (1) Yardage leaders (2) Quarterback Ratings, and (3) Wins/QB Ratings.  The Louisiana QB are listed below.  Click the links below for the complete list, including Elite 11 2016 watch list.

Louisiana Total Yardage Leaders vs. Elite 11 Watch List (73 total)

(11) Terry Bozeman (Walker)
(16) Sadrick Kirklin (Peabody)
(19) Lindsey Scott (Zachary)
(27) Keondre Wudtee

Louisiana QBR Leaders vs. Elite 11 Watch List (73 total)

(2) Shea Patterson (Calvary Baptist)
(3) Khomad Naylor (Rayville)
(4) Darnell Williams (McMain)
(16) Lindsey Scott (Zachary)
(21) Keondre Wudtee (Parkway)
(24) Cole kelley (Tuerlings Catholic)

Louisiana Wins and QBR vs. Elite 11 Watch List (73 total) 

(8) Shea Patterson (Calvary Baptist)
(9) Lindsey Scott (Zachary)
(20) William Bellamy (St. Thomas More)
(21)  Hunter Frith (Vermillion Catholic)



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