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Let Me Reintroduce Myself


Welcome to Life In The Trenches!

I would like to thank God for this opportunity to connect with the Linemen across the country. I would also like to thank Coach Warren and Varsity Prep for giving me this platform to share my thoughts.


I believe that  in order to receive wisdom one must first know who’s giving it!! So, allow me to introduce myself.


My name is Coach Sudan Ellington or (Coach E). I was decorated with honors and awards as a High School player, which later allowed me to commit to the University of Tennessee, playing both football and basketball.  I finished my collegiate career at James Madison University, and played on the 2004 National Championship team.


After Hanging up the cleats!


After college, my love for the game led me to begin my coaching career. But after 5 years of watching and learning as a High School Coach, I became frustrated with the focus on schemes and the lack of developing Skills and Techniques. This frustration gave birth to Big Skills Academy (OL/DL). BSA is a year round program that is designed to give both Offensive and Defensive Linemen the overall development needed on and off the field. Big Skills Academy (OL/DL) has been involved in developing numerous All-Americans and Collegiate Signees.


My broad range of knowledge and skills have allowed me to not only shape and mold outstanding athletes, but also to host and participate in the following events:
  • Big Skills Academy (OL/DL) NFL Pre Draft Training
  • Big Skills Academy (OL/DL) Linemen Development Tour
  • NFL Prep 100 Series (DLCoach)
  • Nike Football Training Camp (OL/DL Coach)
  • Rival 100 Camp Series (OL/DL Coach)
  • VTO Sports Combine (OL/DL Coach)
  • USA Football Developmental Camp (OL/DL Coach)

I hope that by coming here athletes are able to take away an immense amount of knowledge and apply it to their game and lives on and off the field. My goal for “Life In The Trenches” is to connect with linemen from all over, making this a linemen community. Readers can look forward to me evaluating, scouting and offering my expertise of game breakdowns.

That said, feel free to join in on the discussion, and ask questions.


Sudan Ellington

Inquiries/Highlight videos can be sent to [email protected]

Visit Big Skills Academy website



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