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Kosnitzky’s Korner: Playoffs: Deerfield Beach Travels to Miramar


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When we learned the Deerfield Beach Bucks (11-0) would play the Miramar Patriots (11-0) in the Region 3-8A Final this week, we were not surprised.  While these two teams were the 11-8A and 12-8A Champions respectively, this game has much greater magnitude. The Bucks and the Patriots are considered by many to be the two best 8A teams in the south.  Although teams in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach will have an opportunity to compete, many pundits think the winner of this game will be a participant in the state finals in Orlando.


The northern half of the 8A Bracket seems more linear.  Apopka and Manatee are projected to be the top two teams and if the predictions are correct, these two programs would not meet until the state semifinals in a few weeks. For Deerfield Beach and Miramar, the thoughts of playing against each other now and or placing themselves in the mix against Apopka, Manatee or anyone from Region 1-8A or Region 2-8A, seemed a distraction. Last week, Miramar trailed 13-2 at the half but woke up in the 2nd half and defeated Monarch 31-21.  Deerfield Beach, in a game marred by controversy, escaped with a 14-7 overtime victory over Flanagan High.


Deerfield Beach operates a dominant ground game led by Brandon Powell with over 1,300 yards rushing and Aeron McNeal with over 1,000 yards rushing.  Quarterback, Danarious Graham was able to throw for 1200 yards, including last week, with 600 of those yards to Justin Morgan who complements the offense.  Miramar succeeds through the use of two quarterbacks.  Nick Jeanty threw for over 1,500 yards with 19 touchdowns, while Gernald Hawkins threw for nearly 500 yards and 4 touchdowns. Receivers Kahlil Lewis, Kwasim West, Keygon Dunnings, and Geonte Smith have had double digit receptions, as well as, over 10 yards per catch.   Running Backs Eric Pittman and  Cameron Rigby add an additional 1,400 yards of offense and 20 touchdowns.


This is could be redemption for Powell and others who had to contend with Miramar in 2011 and Cypress Bay in 2012 which had higher caliber teams compared to themselves. In 2013, Miramar, in my opinion, has too much balance and speed on both sides of the ball. This team has shown signs of superiority compared to their 2011 Group.  For Deerfield Beach to effectively operate it’s potent ground game, they must do a better job controlling the line of scrimmage.  This was an issue at times for the Bucks last week.   We shall see this Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Branca Stadium in Miramar.  



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