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Kosnitzky’s Korner: North Miami and North Miami Beach, A Game That Matters


(Photo Source: Miami Herald)


In North East Miami-Dade County, before North Miami Beach Senior High was built in 1972, every student attended North Miami Senior High.  These schools have been rivals for over 40 years.  In a boundary blurred by school choice and an evolving and vastly different population from how these schools originated, it is not uncommon to have students attending opposing schools and yet live in the same household.  As a graduate of North Miami Beach Senior High, no matter wins or losses, there was no game more important than this one.  I also had the benefit of later working at North Miami Beach for 3 years and North Miami for 3 years, and the heated rivalry was no different than what I experienced as a student.  


The Chargers (2-3), play an out of district schedule against higher caliber teams which may explain why they are a 12 point favorite against the Pioneers (4-0).  District 13-8A is an arena of “haves” and “have nots.” With Hialeah is seen as a favorite to win this district, the game between the NE Miami Dade County schools may develop into an elimination game.  North Miami will meet Hialeah in two weeks, while North Miami Beach will meet the T-Breds in the regular season finale.  


North Miami Beach revolves themselves around the receiving of Steve Ishmael and Immel Rai who catch 90% of the passes and average over 13 yards per catch.  The quarterback, Cedric Wiggins is also the team’s leading rusher.  For North Miami, Alex Pierre is the driving force of the team with his work on the ground and with special teams.  Similar to Pierre, quarterback, Joseph Hilton averages over 6 yards per carry.  Receivers Tavaris Harrison, Sidney Auguste, Victor Sam and Henry Payoute lead the air attack with double digit receptions each.  


While the Pioneers have only given up 14 points this season, the Chargers will be the best offense they have seen so far this year.  Alex Pierre will make big plays at times for the Pioneers.  However, the Chargers have faced adversity before.  They are accustomed to using a small bench and that Ishamel and Wiggins should make enough of an impact to put the Chargers ahead in the end.  



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