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Kosnitzky’s Korner: Impact on Recruiting When Rival Team Succeeds


What impact does recruiting have when one area rival college defeats another?

Living in Southern Florida, I am exposed to what some say is the greatest high school talent in the country where several young men  who are considered attractive for Division 1 college football programs. This was exemplified when the top two teams in the country, Miami Booker T. Washington and Miami Central played last week.  Added to the mix is the fact that the State of Florida contains prominent universities with rich football traditions such as Miami, Florida and Florida State.  Because of geography, it is customary for schools of similar classification in the same state to compete for the same talent.  While FSU plays Florida annually and Miami plays FSU annually, the debate on whether a win by one team may lure a recruit is a valid one. 


With Miami’s thrilling victory over Florida this week, this issue becomes more magnified.  I do agree that big wins against a rival do help.  Some consider this a “Bandwagon Effect.’  However, at the time of this posting no players had flipped from Florida to Miami or visa versa.  We still have five more months until signing day and a long season of football ahead.  Much will happen.  Miami’s win does help with their ranking and builds confidence towards a better record but again we can only speculate what it does for recruiting.  In fact, the Gators for example may lure certain players because of their defeat.  In particular, a certain player may now think by coming to Florida he will get to play earlier.


There are so many dynamics that surround the recruiting process and no one variable or factor will give us a cause as to how a player decides and how a school advocates to that individual.  In the end, we embrace the victory’s which is the goal of the team anyway and that a win always outweighs a loss in most circumstances.  




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