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Kosnitzky’s Korner: Follow Up: EKG Screenings

After posting an article on the issue of whether legislative bodies or Athletic Associations should mandate EKG screenings for all participants (link), it was brought to my attention that some hospitals offer this proactive intervention for free.  One of our readers informed me that Miami Children’s Hospital (link) is one such place.  I do suggest you inquire in your area for this service if you consider it worthwhile.  This is a measure that some local school communities consider essential for a player’s well-being.

While, we at @VarsityPreps are committed to providing you with comprehensive football recruiting information, we will sometimes “tackle” social and educational issues that impact prep sports.  The pressure on an off the field seems to rise on a consistent basis.  Hence, we feel it is important that all of our readers understand the various issues that may surround this wonderful game.  Please remember, when it comes to decision making, the Titanic only hit one iceberg.  



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