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Kosnitzky’s Korner: DeAntre Turman – Lesson to Learn?

As with the rest of the country, we at Varsity Preps were deeply saddened to learn of the tragic death of DeAntre Turman. I understand this young man had a promising future and was a shining star to the Creekside High School Family in Atlanta Georgia.

Too often we focus on wins and losses and player evaluations that we sometimes lose sight of more important issues. We have had incidents where players have suffered heart attacks or have become paralyzed from a particular play. In my state, we instituted water breaks after a young athlete died from dehydration.  Concussions have also predominated our story lines.  However the story behind DeAntre Turman is different. This young man’s demise was over a tackle.

Last year ESPN did a story on young players who were severely injured from poor tackling techniques. Some also reported in this case it took paramedics 15 minutes to arrive on the scene.  It is not fair to speculate. My only hope is that we grow from this experience if there was any lesson to learn.



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