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Justin Curry, #14 in Arkansas 25 for 2015

Photo by Brian D. Sanderford

Sometimes in recruiting, a player can have just about every facet they need to succeed at the next level, all except one, and that hinders them from reaching their full potential. That is what I see with Fort Smith Northside running back Justin Curry. He has almost all the attributes he needs to be wildly successful at the collegiate level, but there is one thing that could hold him back, speed. It may not always hold him back on the field, but coaches are going to be the ones that are skeptical when they evaluate him.

Curry has the right size, standing at 5’11” and weighing in at 201 pounds. He is a strong runner, hitting the hole right away, and not dancing in the backfield. The thing that sticks out from Curry’s film the most is his field vision. He sees the field as good as any player in his class. This allows Curry to make cuts and change speed. This vision helps him, since his speed isn’t his strong point. The vision allows him to make cuts earlier. That sort of thing will work in high school but not in college. Now for the speed. Curry has a large deficit in speed, compared to the other running backs in the class. Curry ran a 4.84 at the Rivals Dallas Combine earlier this year. That is a glaring mark for a running back unfortunately that is just oozing with talent everywhere else.

Curry has received a few offers, regardless of the speed that he currently holds, which shows how talented Curry is everywhere else. Curry has received offers from Arkansas State, Connecticut, and Purdue. Curry who originally is from Flowery Branch, Georgia has received some SEC attention but not enough to garner an offer. Curry has received pretty decent attention, and is being evaluated by Oklahoma State. The Cowboys recruitment of Curry is in part to a family connection.

Curry has two brothers that have already made it into the Division I college football ranks. His two older brothers, C.J. and Darius are both players at Oklahoma State. C.J. will be a redshirt sophomore wide receiver for the Cowboys, and Darius will be a redshirt freshman cornerback. Justin Curry could complete the Oklahoma State trifecta, if he has a solid year and proves that although his speed may be in question, his talents beside that will propel him into success. Curry is a fairly new Arkansas prospect, only playing his first year in Arkansas last season. His father is a coach at Northside, where Justin plays.

The Verdict: Justin Curry is a very solid running back prospect, but the speed question could very well haunt him for quite some time, even into his college career. I think that Curry will do very well at a school like Connecticut. That really speaks to me as a good fit for him. He would succeed more obviously at Arkansas State, but obviously there is a difference in quality of programs and conferences. Purdue as the team would be a solid fit, but I don’t know if he would fit in the Big 10. The Big 10 is known to be the “slower” conference, so it could still work as well. Curry would benefit from redshirting as well.

Pros: Vision, Strength

Cons: Speed

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