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Jarrell Rattler: Class of 2017 Spotlight

With the 2015 football season slowly approaching, more student-athletes are making an appearance in the recruiting world.

Jarrell Rattler is one of those new recruiters entering the spotlight.

Rattler is a 5’10”, 245-pound sophomore DT at Marist High School in Chicago, Illinois.

Squatting 315 pounds and maxing 230, Rattler has been putting in work and has become a growing presence of the field.

However, Rattler also puts in work in the classroom as he maintains a 4.4 GPA.

Despite his success on the field and the classroom thus far, Rattler has yet to receive an offer.

“Getting an offer would mean all of this hard work is finally starting to pay off,” Rattler said. “So many people are telling me I’m crazy to think I can get a scholarship so getting one would be proving them wrong.”

You can follow and watch Rattler’s highlights at



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