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JaQwis Dancy, #17 in Arkansas 25 for 2015

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/MELISSA SUE GERRITS


There must be something in the water down in Junction City, USA. The small community, that not only contains the now defending class 2A state champions, but also arguably the strongest recruiting hot bed in the state of Arkansas. Enter running back JaQwis Dancy.  The 2A state championship MVP touched took only 14 handoffs in the game, but made up the lack of touches with 164 yards and 2 touchdowns. This was not Dancy’s first big game though. Almost every game is a big game for Dancy.

Dancy is a “homerun threat” with the football. Every time he gets a touch, he could be taking it to the endzone. A mix of speed and strength, Dancy has been reported to have 40 times as low as 4.39 and has a bench press max of 315 pounds. This could separate Dancy from other running backs that have his speed. Speed can only get a player so far in college, since all collegiate players are faster. It is the strength to get away from those tacklers that makes Dancy a more attractive recruit to coaches. Dancy is a do-all player for Junction City, and another aspect of the game that he has a great effect on is special teams. Dancy is the kickoff and punt returner and always has the opportunity to score off of those opportunities as well.

Dancy does not hold any offers yet from any division one institutions but after this summer’s camp circuit, look for Dancy to collect offers from several major programs. Dancy does have interest from the University of Arkansas, and Dancy has appeared to be interested in Oklahoma State as well.

Junction City has produced several great athletes and Dancy has two teammates that are in a similar situation to him, Jamario Bell and Taylor Mason. All three players are featured in Arkansas’ 25 for 2015 list.

The Verdict: Dancy has been flying under the radar, putting up outstanding numbers against not-so outstanding competition. That being said, it is obvious that he is transcending the talent gap in Class 2A. Like I already said, if Dancy performs well during the summer camp circuit like I expect him too, he will pick up major offers and be well on his way in his recruitment. Teams of any kind could benefit from an athlete like Dancy. Time will only refine those greater benefits for coaches and their programs. We are just starting with JaQwis Dancy, he could be the surprise of this entire class.

Pros: Strong, Fast, Agile, Playmaker, Instinctual, Versatile, Frame

Cons: Plays against lesser competition, Needs more weight to succeed at RB at next level (175 lbs.)

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