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Jamario Bell, #3 in Arkansas 25 for 2015

Photo by Michael Orrell

In today’s college football landscape, there is a growing breed of defensive ends. They are long, athletic, and quick off the edge. Bret Bielema has bought into that breed since he started at Arkansas and he already has his next prototype defensive end. His name is Jamario Bell, and he is not only one of the best football players in this state, but he is one of the state’s best athletes in general. Bell is a two sport star, but in just a years time, he will be focusing on becoming a Razorback defensive end, a position that has become very prestigious at Arkansas.

Bell is just like the prototype says. He stands at 6’6” and has long arms. He is a basketball standout in the state, and could play collegiately. He definitely has the frame of a basketball, football hybrid athlete. He is also coming in with a frame that can add a significant amount of weight. Bell currently weighs 228 pounds and could easily add another 25-30 on to be able to compete against SEC offensive lineman. Bell is also quick. His 40 time leaves something left to be desired with a 5.06 40, but much like offensive lineman, it is not about the 40, it is about the quickness of the first step and how quickly the player can make lateral and agile moves. Bell has recorded a Pro Shuttle time of 4.41, which proves that he can move around and make the plays at a high level, that his position will call for. Bell also is a great pass defensive end, not necessarily in the amount of sacks that he has racked up, but in his ability to bat down passes at the line of scrimmage with his tall body and long arms. that could even translate into blocking kicks potentially when he gets to Fayetteville.

Bell ended his recruitment over nine months ago and has been a solid Arkansas commitment ever since. Bell did have plenty of suitors though, before he shut the door on his recruitment. Bell had offers from Louisiana Tech, Louisville, Mississippi State, and Arkansas State. Bell received attention and was being evaluated by Florida State, Auburn, and Alabama before he committed to the Razorbacks.

Bell gained some national and viral fame a few months ago, when he, during a basketball game for Junction City High School, dunked the ball so hard that he shattered the backboard. The video was shown on SportsCenter and all over the internet for several weeks. Arkansas fans were overjoyed with the sight of their future defensive end’s power, even if it was on the basketball court and not on the football field.

The Verdict: Jamario Bell is obviously a SEC defensive end. He will need to add some weight onto his frame but his height and wingspan provide the proper base for him to be successful under defensive line coach Rory Segrest and head coach Bret Bielema. Bell should enjoy a solid career as a Hog.

Pros: Length, Height, Agility, Pass Defense

Cons: Speed

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