Varsity Preps

Jamal Hawkins, CB, C/O 2015

East Nashville HS (Nashville, TN)

Vitals: 5’11”/ 170lbs.

Film Analysis: The first that jumps of of Jamal Hawkins film, is that this corner loves to hit. Hawkins provides good run support with his fundamental tackling ability. That is a good trait for a defensive back. Too many defensive backs try to shoulder tackle and lay the biggest hit, but it is always better to see a player deliver a blow from just breaking down, shooting their hands, and driving their entire body through the opponent. Hawkins does just that. Hawkins has some pretty active hands in coverage, but he has some issues in being able to turn his head around when dropping back in coverage. Face guarding is a bad habit that corners develop and it can take a lot of work to get out of it. That is a tough thing for corners to develop sometimes but that is what separates quality from just the average run of the mill high school cornerback.  Hawkins can jar the ball lose from receivers, which shows the strength that the Nashville corner has. His vital measurements are pretty average for his position, so that definitely won’t hurt him in terms of chances to compete at a collegiate level.

My Rating: 2 Star CB, Top 200 CB, Top 15 CB in Tennessee, Top 70 overall player in Tennessee

The Verdict: Jamal Hawkins has talent no doubt, but that talent is going to place him at the Division II level of college football. He has the run stopping ability and strength, but his speed and agility aren’t as high level as some other cornerbacks in the state of Tennessee and that will hold him back in terms of where he can go. Free school is free school though, so there is a place for Hawkins in collegiate football. Hawkins does need to find a way to market himself more, because unfortunately, that is just as much of the recruiting process for many players as the on the field product is. Going to camps and having good performances are ways to do that.

Pros: Hard Hitter, Fundamental Tackler

Cons: Turning Head Around in Coverage, Speed

Check out Jamal’s Hudl page:



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