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Jacobs Working For Recognition

Ask any coach that runs a spread offense and he will tell you, having big athletic wide receivers and tight ends can be the difference between a very good and an average offense.  Most schools are out on the recruiting trail looking for guys that can stretch the field and catch everything that comes their way.  Finding those guys is getting tougher with all the schools running this type of offense now a days.

Landry  Walker High School in New Orleans has a player that could fit into just about anyone’s offense.  At 6 foot 4 and 200 pounds, Mikhail Jacobs is a player that teams will want to take a look at early in the recruiting process.  Have a rare blend of size and speed, Jacobs stretches the field and seems to always come down with the ball when it is thrown his way.

So what kind of player would a school see if they look at Jacobs?  First and foremost a confident player that knows that hard work will be the difference in how much success he has on the gridiron.

“I would say that I am a possession type of player,” said Jacobs.  “I would consider one of the real strengths of my game is the ability to catch the ball when it comes my way.  I have some areas of my game I am working on.  I want to become a better blocker for one.  And I work on my speed a lot so I can become a bigger threat.”

Looking ahead to his college career, Jacobs recognizes that football may not be there forever.  He has a plan for both football and life after football.

“I think I would like to work in a field where I can use my hands,” he said.  “I like things that require you to be hands on.  Maybe some sort of technology or being able to design and build.  Football wise, I feel like my game is best utilized in a spread offense.”

A couple of schools have grabbed Jacobs attention early in the recruiting process.  He is hoping to get to camp and Junior Day at these schools in the near future.

“I like Mississippi State and Ohio State a lot right now,” he said.  “I have always liked the offense they run at Mississippi State.  I have a friend at John Curtis High School that told me about them and said I would fit into their offense very good.

“Ohio State is a school I have always liked.  I love their offense and their spread packages.  They always have good wide receivers and they have a very good quarterback as well.”



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