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Jack Jordan: Kicking to Success

Special team positions are usually difficult to recruit for, particularly the position as kicker.

One student-athlete who will be considered as a great asset is Jack Jordan.

“I think my willingness to work hard and always improve no matter what would make me a good candidate for any team,” Jordan said.

Jordan is a 5’5, 120-pound sophomore kicker at St. Thomas High School.

Just a sophomore kicker, Jordan has set a career kickoff record for 83 yards and is one of the top kickoff football players in the class of 2017.

Despite his success on the field and interest shown by University of Houston, he has yet to receive any offers.

“Getting an offer would mean everything to me,” Jordan said. “It would show all of my hard work paying off and it would also continue my athletic career and more importantly my academic career.”

You can look at Jordan’s profile on One On One Kicking at



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