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Impressed by character, Nevada offers Rufus as DB/ATH

Every college football prospect has those big plays on their highlight film, but for Bakersfield (Calif.) quarterback Asauni Rufus, it was a very simple, seemingly insignificant act that made him stand out.

A member of the Nevada coaching staff stopped by the Drillers‘ practice recently. After practice was over, Rufus rolled up the line-of-scrimmage and finished cleaning up the field before heading to the locker room.

While Rufus was speaking to that coach over the phone last night, that moment came up in the conversation.

“He told me, he and the coaching staff loved the fact that I did that without being told and that’s one of the big things that they really like about me,” Rufus said. “And then he said congratulations because I had earned a scholarship with all of my hard work on and off the field, and he told me to continue to be a leader and have a nice night.”

He also told the Class of 2014 Driller they are offering him as a safety but not to rule out the possibility of playing quarterback for the Wolf Pack.

“I told him I’m perfectly fine with that,” Rufus said. “Shoot, I’d be fine with being a long snapper, as long as I’m on the field.”

Last year Rufus played exclusively as the Drillers’ starting quarterback and BHS head coach Paul Golla will likely utilize him in the same fashion this year. However Nevada would likely move him to defense to play safety.

Rufus is familiar with the defensive side of the ball. As a sophomore, he started at safety for the undefeated 2011 CIF Central Section Championship Drillers squad. He recorded 45 tackles and three interceptions that season for BHS.

After he received the Wolf Pack offer, Rufus’ first call was obviously to his parents and the second was to his head coach.

“They were just as happy as my family; everyone, even his daughter and son, were high-fiving and celebrating,” Rufus said about the Golla family. “And that meant a lot to me, to know that I have a head coach that truly is proud of me and wants me to succeed.”

At this point, the 2014 Driller also holds an offer from Cal Poly to play quarterback.



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