Varsity Preps

Hilton Joseph, WR, C/O 2015

Photo courtesy of Miami Herald

North Miami High School

Vitals: 5’11”/ 165 lbs./ 4.5 40-Time/ 4.41 Shuttle/ 34” Vertical

Film Analysis: Obviously based off of film it is going to be hard to rate a wide receiver prospect, based on his film as a quarterback. There are some transcendent qualities though that are easy to pick up on. Hilton Joseph is in a word, elusive. In the pocket he is able to move around defenders and get the ball off, and in some cases, tuck the ball and run for a considerable distance. With a player of his size, Joseph needs that elusive ability to make plays in the middle of the field, seeing that he will likely be a slot receiver in collegiate level football. Another positive that could benefit Joseph is his knowledge of the wide receiver position. As a quarterback, Joseph is going to know routes and timing pretty well, so he can use that into his transitional phase and make that phase all that much smoother. Experience though, overrides a lot of things, and that is something that Joseph lacks at the wide receiver position, so until that changes, he will be evaluated with a bit of skepticism.

My Rating: 3-Star WR, Top 125 WR Prospect, Top 135 Prospect in Florida

The Verdict: Hilton Joseph is a fringe Division I receiver. Yes, my rank of him is higher than most fringe players, but there is a lot of potential that is used in that ranking, not just what is already on display. Coaches though, do not take chances as much on just pure speculation and projection, so that is why Joseph is a fringe prospect. I can see Joseph fitting in with one of these schools that is either new to Division I or is still in the process of changing over, but are still in the FCS for a few more years. Joseph would do well also playing in a spread offensive scheme, which obviously is dominating college football, so that aspect won’t be hard to come by. I could see Joseph having a significant amount of success at one of those schools.

Pros: Elusive

Cons: Lack of Experience at WR

Check out Hilton’s Hudl page:



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