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Hardnett Working Hard

Some programs across the country are just blessed to have so much talent that they never rebuild, they just reload.  Year in and year out, schools like Hoover, South Panola, John Curtis, and Norcross are considered one of the top teams in the country.  Getting a foot in the door at programs like that can be huge for any school that is wanting to load up on great athletes.


Speaking of Norcross, they had several players last year move into big time programs and have some athletes to replace.  Luckily for them, they have several players ready to step up and be leaders.  One of those guys is wide receiver LaMarcus Hardnett.  The talented wide out has busted his tail this off-season to ensure that when his team needs a player, he is one that can step up and help lead.

Hardnett understands that to get to where he wants to get in life, he has to put in hard work each and everyday to make sure he succeeds.

“From the end of the season, I have gained 20 pounds,” said Hardnett.  “I work out 5 to 6 times a week.  I have two trainers.  I have one that helps me with weights and one that helps me on the field.  I do route drills, cone drills, our team plays 7 on 7, and I watch film of the other highly recruited receivers to make sure that my footwork is just as good as all of theirs.

“I want to be a leader on the field next year.  We have a bunch of very good athletes so we should be able to spread the ball all over the field and make sure we can all pitch in and help the team.”

Hardnett has been to four schools already this spring and has one more trip planned.  One of those schools, Mississippi State, was a return trip and a chance to catch back up with the coaches.

“I have been to Mississippi State, Clemson, Georgia, and Middle Tennessee so far,” he said.  “I a supposed to be going over to North Carolina this weekend.  I love the coaches and the players at Mississippi State.  I really like the locker room and the new football building.  The dorm rooms are nicer then any other place I have been.  I talked to the wide receiver coach while I was there.  He said he watched my tape.  Since I got back home, I have been receiving a bunch of mail from Mississippi State.

“I just want to keep working very hard and earn that offer that I want so much.  I want to take a few visits and everything, but If I get the offer I want then I will talk to my parents and then make a decision.”



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