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“Five Star Substance Over Flash”

On and wet and cold Friday night in Salt Lake City Utah., we caught up with 2016 recruit and four star Linebacker Bryce Youngquist while on his 3-day unofficial visit to University of Utah.

How is the visit so far?  The visit is going well, they have treated me very well, and the coaches were awesome. I was also blown away with how beautiful the campus is. I’ve never been to Utah and all I have heard was how good the football team was.


What else did you learn about the campus and the community of Utah? They really are a family, I mean the community really embraces the program, they really do their best to support the football players here at Utah. Even the teachers, respect the football players and welcome the student athletes. I having a blast.


How did the players treat you? They treated me well, I like the bond the players have with the whole team, and it’s what I really like about this program. They treat everyone around and in the program well.


How do the Utah coaches feel about your play at Linebacker?

They love the way that I play! And that is what I like to hear from coaches because that really lets me know that I have a good chance of playing as a freshmen.


Is starting or getting a lot of playing time as a freshmen critical in your decision making process?

Definitely it is. I really want to play in the League and college is the first step and playing time is so valuable. It really means a lot. I am looking at schools that will allow me to play Linebacker in whatever scheme. Just plug me and I will make plays for you! I’m looking to make plays on the field as early as possible.

What is your favorite Scheme?

I like the 4-3 because it allows the LB’s to run to the ball and make plays in the run game and pass game as well. But I will play in any system. I just want to make plays!

What Schools are leaning towards giving you playing time as a freshmen?

Pretty much all the school who have offered me. Utah, Washington State, Nevada, Arizona State and Colorado. They have all indicated they will give me a great chance at playing right away.

I see your High School Jersey Number is #49 what’s the significance behind that number?

Well, that goes back to my pop warner days. There was not a lot of numbers left and I chose #49 and I just turned it into a number worth paying attention to. It’s about Substance not flash!



Are you looking to stay close to home for college?

Honestly, it does not matter to me, I will play anywhere in the country. Academically, I am looking for a place that will challenge me as a student and help me enhance my presence off the field after I graduate.

What kind of Linebacker are you?

I am an every down linebacker! I play sideline to sideline; I like to wear down offences and I’m always looking to create extreme havoc when I am on the field!

How will receiving these offers effect your offseason?

It will make me work even harder; your football season is only four months and your offseason is much longer, so if you don’t have a good offseason then you regular season will not be good at all and I plan on having a great season. It’s all about your mindset and work ethic!

What uniform combination do you like at Utah?

The Blackout, it is awesome and I also like the White jerseys too.

Bryce what makes a good high School program?

It’s all about the coaching. If the coaching is good then most programs will be successful. It also depends on the type of talent as well but the coaching makes the difference.

What make your high school Los Osos a good program?

It has put me in position to be a recruitable Linebacker academically. We have very good coaches here at Los Osos but it is also a tough education school as well. They really prepare you for college, its challenging here. I always want to prepare for the next level and they are doing that here at Los Osos.


What is unique about you that people may not know?

I have great passion for science and physics I love the way and why things exist and move.


What has been the toughest thing you have had to endure in life?

The recruiting process has been very tough. I was a 4 Star linebacker with no offers and I was like man this is really a difficult process. But in the spring I received my first offer from Arizona State and it was such a great feeling. But it was a frustrating process but now it feel good to have options now.


What other unofficial visits have you been on?

I’ve been on 5 unofficial:  Notre Dame, Arizona State, Ohio State, University of Southern California and now Utah.


What Linebackers inspire you?

Lawrence Taylor, Ray Lewis, Patrick Willis, Clay Matthews and Luke Kuechly.


Last question, most kids go 1000 percent to get an offer and once they get that offer they stop playing hard in fear of getting hurt; some kids keep playing at a high level no matter what. Which kid are you?

I want to play in the league at the highest level! Every player has something to work on or get better at. I will always look to improve my game.  Hard work is what put me in this position. I don’t know what it is to not go hard! I had to earn everything I have and my Dad will not allow to have that attitude. The last name Youngquist means something and living in fear and being lazy is not a part of what we do!


National Recruiting Analyst, Karim Burrell






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