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Elijah Staley C/O 2014 QB “Ready To Get OL and Receivers To Join Me”

Mississippi State had a very good day on the recruiting circuit today when it snagged its quarterback of the future.  At 6 foot 7  205 pounds, Elijah Staley is as gifted looking a physical specimen as you are going to find on the gridiron.  The part that made this such a special commitment for the university is the fact that Staley will not only help on the gridiron but on the hardwood as well.

Today Staley made it known that he wanted to play both basketball and football in the SEC.  Picking the Bulldogs was something that Staley felt made two coaching staffs very happy.

“Mississippi State gives me a chance to play both sports and be happy,” said Staley.  “I love the campus, I love the fan base, I love both coaching staffs.  Coach Mullen has a history of putting quarterbacks in the league and that is a big thing for me.  I have a great relationship with both coaching staffs.

“Coach Ray was very excited when I told him.  He has been recruiting me since my freshman year when he was at Clemson.  Coach Mullen was fired up because I was the number one guy on his board.

“Knowing that Tyler Russell is a senior this year was a big thing for me.  They only have two quarterbacks and I plan on coming in and competing for playing time right away.”

Knowing that his recruitment is behind him, Staley feels a sense of relief.  But he also feels like he has some work to do now as the leader of this class.

“This feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my back now,” he said.  “I have been wanting to get this out of the way so I can just go out and play ball this coming year on the field and in the gym.  Now I want to see who the biggest recruits are.  I am going to call Coach and ask him who he wants and I am going to start hitting them up on twitter and stuff and get them here.  I am going to get good offensive lineman and receivers to join me.”

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