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Devin Forges: Setting the Tone At Corner

A well-kept secret has been playing in Naples, Florida the past few years at Collier High School. Devin Forges has held down the cornerback spot the past two seasons at Collier and he is someone that leads by example. Devin Forges will be a player college recruiters take notice of as this young season continues. We will take a look at Devin’s play from last season and cover some of what he has done so far this season. I will also give you a brief overview of the type of young man Devin is and type of player he is.
When coaches and scouts take a look at Devin’s film, the first thing they will notice about Devin is that he does not shy away making a hit. Devin is 5’11” 175lbs but he is a fierce competitor and has no problem making a tough tackle on a running back or a quarterback that is scrambling out of the pocket. Devin has the speed needed to make up ground on a receiver and stay with the quicker receivers. Forges does a terrific job in punt and kickoff coverage as well. The young man will play anywhere on the field that he is slotted for.
Off the field, Devin is a young man that takes his studies very seriously. Devin has a 4.38 grade point average and that will get him into almost every school in the country. Devin has been a pleasure to visit with; he is a young man with a solid work ethic to go along with the talent on the field. He enjoys what he does both on the field and in the classroom. Forges has stayed under the radar up to this point but he has the talent to play Division 1 football and I will not be surprised when a school comes in with an offer. The school that locks Devin up will be gaining a good athlete and a quality student. Devin has the talent on and off the field to be successful and I have no doubt that will happen in his future. The young man makes an impression and I suspect his days of being a well-kept secret are pretty much over.



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