Varsity Preps



Ocean Lakes High School, VA
6-2, 293 pounds, 405 bench, 700 dead lift, 600 + squat
167 tackles, 29 TFL, 14 sacks, 19 hurries,2 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries
If I needed a 2 gap interior lineman to not only shut down the run but to make plays as well, Derrick Nnadi is my guy
Q. You workout with a strong organization called 757 Sports Academy. They boast such nationally acclaimed players such as Quin Blanding, Andrew Brown, Taquan Mizzell, Turtle Cutler, Jalyn Holmes, Jamil Kamara, Steven Moss, Aaron Glover and Jordan Glover. What is the energy like either in the weight room or on the field?
A: Well with alot of great athletes together on the field, the energy is crazy. There’s alot of competition, we are always trying to see who can top who.
Q. Do you consider yourself a student of the game or do you go out and play because you love the game?
A: I play because i just love playing it.
Q. Talking to you, It doesn’t seem as if you get all wrapped up in the pomp and pageantry of the circus called big time recruiting. How do you handle it and how do you stay so grounded?
A: A lot of times recruiting gets tiring. With the countless phone calls and messages on facebook from article writers, I tend to not answer the phone when it gets to a certain time of the day so that I have some type of balance between football and my personal time. 
Q. How many offers do you have and who are they?
A: I have 11.  University of Mississippi, Illinois, University of Wisconsin, WVU, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, University of North Carolina, Florida state University, Old Dominion University, North Carolina State, Virginia Tech and University of Virginia.
Q. Having grown man strength, how are you able to use that in the context of your game?
A: Having such strength, it gives myself a great advantage when I come off the line. I see that is my one of my key attributes, so I constantly work on my strength.  
Q.  Coming within a couple of plays of winning the state championship in VA, how has that humbled or motivated you in the offseason to get back?
A: Being so close to a state championship and then losing is painful. My heart is aching for that championship ring. I’m not going to let anything stop me from getting there again and bringing a championship to Ocean Lakes.  
Q. Who do you expect to give Ocean Lakes their toughest game next season?
A: I’m not sure because we’re going to be in a different bracket of teams, so we going to have to see what happens. 
Q. Who in college or the NFL do you see your game similar to?
A: I don’t really compare myself to college or NFL players, but a lot of my teammates have said that i’m like Ndamukong Suh from the Detroit Lions.
Q. 10 schools you hope to get offers from?
A: I don’t hope really hope for certain schools to offer me. Don’t get me wrong, i’m honored whenever I get an offer, But I have to deal with the schools that have offered me.
Q. Everyone has a release. What is yours away from football?
A: I take walks around my neighborhood, I listen to music, and I watch tv, and I play on my PS3.
Q. The block is hot. People are saying Ocean Lakes with Derrick Nnadi are pound for pound the best team in Virginia. Are you going to win it all next season?
A:That’s the goal of the whole team, but we got to take it game by game.
Q. If you had to pick 5 schools to receive official visits, who would they be?
A:It would be Virginia tech, UVA, Florida State, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.



Wins the line of scrimmage battle
Strength of the charts
Keeps a low center of gravity
Violent hands
D1 ability
Nnadi will continue to play interior line in college and has a massive detailed frame to add good weight.
The sky is the limit for the kid I call THE BIG TICKET.



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