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Deon Stewart, #10 in Arkansas 25 for 2015

Photo by Mitchell Sparks

Versatile, “home run hitter,” playmaker. These are words that describe Highland’s Deon Stewart. Although the town may be small, when there are multiple players with Division 1 talent coming out of it, people are going to notice. Coaches have noticed Stewart very quickly. In less than a month’s time, Stewart went from holding zero offers, to having five. Coaches are indeed taking notice to the receiver prospect. He’s garnering big time attention too.

Stewart is a scoring threat every time he touches the football. He can score off of a simple “Go” route, or even off of a jet sweep. Stewart uses a mix of speed, agility and field vision to be able to take an ordinary play that can still get 10-15 yards, and turning it into six points. Stewart is also a threat as a kick returner. Of all of Stewart’s qualities, it is his field vision that stands out the most. He does not have elite speed or agility so, especially as he’ll learn at the next level, that his ability to see lanes open up for him will make up for the fact that he doesn’t have elite speed or agility like some of his counterparts in the collegiate football world will.

Sometimes recruiting can be funny, one day a player holds zero offers and it looks like that player is going to have to camp well in order to receive offers later on in the summer, then the waterfall effect happens. One team offers, then another, then another, and so on until that play racks up five offers in 25+ days. That was the situation for Stewart. Stewart has offers from Arkansas, Ole Miss, Louisville, Arkansas State, and Tulsa. In terms of how Stewart reacted to his latest offer, from his home state Razorbacks, it appears that Stewart is a hard Hog lean. There is no time table though as to when Stewart might decide to commit.

Stewart and his teammate, fellow Arkansas 25 for 2015 player, Avery Johnson should combine to one of the states most potent receiver tandems. Not typical for a team to have that depth of talent at the same position. It will be exciting to watch both of those players this upcoming season. It could be said that Johnson is the “Thunder” and Stewart is the “Lightning.”

The Verdict: Deon Stewart could be a playmaker at the next level, but with his current size, could be brittle. Would be nice to see him put on some weight and keep that speed. I think he will start his career as a kick returner and work his way up the ladder into a receiver role. Likely a slot receiver, which will allow for the option for him to run jet sweeps. Likely a player that will redshirt in his freshman year.

Pros: Versatility, Speed, Agility, Field Vision

Cons: Weight, Speed and Agility not “Elite”

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