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Dempsey Robinson “On a Relentless Pursuit to Tackle His Dreams”

Dempsey head shot in pads


We caught up with the 2015 prospect from Oak Hills High School, Hesperia CA, Dempsey Robinson  who is a 6’3 245lb Defensive Linemen to talk about his successful season on the field and in the classroom.

1.) Who is Dempsey Robinson?

I am more than just an athlete who can play ball. I am a good Christian, a son, a proud Grandson,loyal teammate, a great friend and a maturing student.

2.) On film your very athletic for your size can you play all the positions on the defensive line?

Yes Sir, I can do it all; Defensive End, both Tackle positions and offensively, I also play Tight End.  At Oak Hills we run a spread offense so I ddidn’trun any sets as a tight end this season.

3.) You lead your team with double digit sack record this season. Is your game more finesse or power?

There’s nothing finesse about my game! I play and love the physical part of this game. I’m violent with my hands and I am always looking to dominate my opponent.

4.) What is your best attribute?

I don’t have just one! I play with speed, technique and my hands.

5.) How many teams Double teamed you this season?

11 teams tried and failed. It was tough though; it was not easy getting chipped and double teamed the whole game but it didn’t stop me from doing my job and getting to the Quarterback.

6.) How did you prepare for the extra attention teams would send your way on game days?

At Oak Hills my coaches and I watched film and game planned for what was coming my way. In practice and on the field I just focused on using my technique and speed. I would also make sure I was mentally ready before each game by sitting down and taking mental reps in preparation for each task my coaches and I went over.

7.) What is your favorite rush move?

I don’t have a favorite move but I am always setting up my opponent. For Example, I will set them up with a speed rush outside and then counter that with a quick head nod outside and power rush the Offensive tackle back inside to get to the quarterback.

8.) What is the most important thing about School?

I am taking advantage of my resources at Oak Hills. I get up at 5:30am and get to tutoring from 6 am until 7:30 am. My coaches have been a tremendous help for me. Coach Metzger (Defensive Line) helped me arrange my tutoring session three to four times a week. It is important for me to complete my high school career successfully on and off the field.

9.) That sounds like a tough schedule for high school athlete. It had to be challenging to balance that schedule and play at a high level as you did this season?

I just realized that I have to handle things as if I am a professional in order to see myself on the next level in my life.

10.) Is playing College Football in California a must for you?

Playing in front of my family would be nice but not at all, I will play anywhere in the country.

11.) Do you like Quarterbacks?

(He laughed) Not the smart ones, because they roll away from my side of the field to keep their offense on the field.

12.) What bothers you about opposing Quarterbacks?

They are pre Madonna’s. They complain to the Referee that I am hitting them too hard or being too physical after the point of attack. But the more they complain the more I like to continue to punish them.

13.) Slam the Quarterback or Hit’em from the blind side?

Oh, that’s easy, from the blind side of course. They can’t see when that big hit is coming and it can change the game!

14.) What does it feel like to sack a Quarterback?

Sacking the Quarterback is an exciting feeling, especially when you know your job on that play is done at the highest level for a Defensive Linemen. I love it!

15.) Describe your style of play?

I have a High Motor, I am very aggressive, smart and this year after I met Larry Allen (Super Bowl Champion, Hall of Famer and Former Dallas Cowboy Offensive Linemen) I learned to play with a new level of nastiness. He told me before the season started “To embarrass anybody that dares to line up in front of me.”

16.) Ok Dempsey, What hip hop artist raps like you play?

Bone Crusher, because I ain’t never scared!!! (That was the title of one of Bone Crusher’s hit records)

17.) What schools are recruiting you the hardest?

Well, let’s see, Washington, Montana State, Fresno State, Boise State, San Diego State, and Arizona.

Interview by National Recruiting Analyst Karim Burrell



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