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Darveon Brown, #19 in Arkansas 25 for 2015

Photo by Adam Lee

Warren, Arkansas is a place that Arkansans know far too well about. It holds a football program that consistently competes at the highest level, and it produced three state legends in one graduating class, back in 2008. Now, in 2015, a similar thing is happening. Darveon Brown was 11 when Jarius Wright, Greg Childs, and Chris Gragg were in town, and now Brown is looking to add his name to the hallowed group of outstanding receivers to come out of the small Arkansas town.

If there is a comparison to be made, Darveon Brown reminds me a lot of Jarius Wright. A little on the small side, 5’10” 175 and has the ability to make any opportunity that he holds the ball to score, at will. The term “homerun hitter” is to the point of cliché, but Brown really does have that ability. Brown also is versatile. Brown is the Lumberjacks punt returner, and is used in a “wildcat” package at times as well. Brown although he may be small in stature, is very strong, especially in his lower body. Reporting a 340 pound squat, that is the kind of power that allows Brown to run a 4.47 40 and a 10.9 100 meter. Brown also reports a monster 43” vertical, which would have led the NFL Combine this year. That kind of vertical would allow a 5’10” player like Brown to even compete for jump balls like a 6’3” receiver would. That only extends Brown’s versatility on the football field.

Until just recently, there hasn’t been a lot of info on Brown. Besides those that have seen him in person, there wasn’t much film out there to go off of and so he kind of became a “legend” by the stories of the people that had seen him play. Now that there is more readily available film on him, some of those stories are being confirmed. With that added information being made more prominent, so is the attention that Brown is garnering. Brown only holds one offer, from Arkansas State, who he verbally committed to last Saturday. Brown is still being looked at by Arkansas and Auburn. Arkansas has been on Brown for quite a while, and it is becoming a question as to whether or not Arkansas will ever offer Brown. I think Brown’s best bet for a Razorback offer, is if he attends the summer camp in Fayetteville, and wows coaches. He has the ability, he just needs to sell himself more.

It is hard to live in the shadow of legends, but Brown is trying to create his own legend. Being the next Jarius Wright isn’t as satisfying as being “the” Darveon Brown. The way Brown has been performing though, he is doing just that, becoming “the” Darveon Brown.

The Verdict: Brown is a freak athlete in a small package. Coaches are sometimes timid to offer players like that because it can be a gamble. Especially as corners and safeties get bigger and bigger. Brown will have a great career if he sticks with his commitment to Arkansas State, but his talent-ceiling should allow him to do better than Arkansas State, if he works hard enough. Lot of upside.

Pros: Versatility, Speed, Agility, Vertical

Cons: Size, Route Running,  Closer to 4.5 than 4.4

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