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Cordier Developing Into Something Special

The backbone of most good teams starts at the quarterback position.  Having a young man that can get the ball down the field to open receivers is more important then ever in high school football.  Gone are the days of the three yards and a cloud of dust offense.  That has been replaced with spread offenses that requires defenses to defend the whole field.

Landry Walker High School in New Orleans has a young man under center that can deliver the mail at the quarterback position.  At 6 foot tall and 185 pounds, Li’Jon Cordier has developed into one of the top signal callers in the greater New Orleans area.  With the ability to stand in the pocket and deliver dimes to his receivers, Cordier will get a ton of looks when colleges start looking for a 2015 quarterback.

Cordier puts in work every day to improve his already solid game.  He recognizes that the best outwork the rest.

“I would consider myself a pocket passer that can deliver the ball,” said Cordier.  “But I also have a spread game that works well too.  One of the real strengths of my game is the ability to dissect a defense mentally.  I have been working on being able to deliver the ball quicker and my footwork.  I want to be able to ger positive yards once I evacuate the pocket.”

Cordier is looking for a perfect fit of both football and education as he approaches the recruiting process.  He wnats to ensure that he has a plan once his playing days are over.

“I am a smart person,” he said.  “I have always been very interested in engineering, unions, working in a plant type setting.  I would like to use my hands and my brain.

“Football wise, I want an offense that is open and gives me a chance to make plays.  More like  a spread offense or something like that.  The schools environment will determine how I feel about them and what will fit me best.”

Cordier has started to look at several schools this off season.  Some are sticking out to him right now.

“I am interested in Auburn, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Louisiana Tech, and several more.  Both those four because I think I can manage their offenses very good.  I plan on taking some trips to camp at those schools as well.”



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