Varsity Preps

Cody Compton, CB, C/O 2017

Chester County HS (Henderson, TN)

Vitals: 6’/ 160 lbs./ 4.69 40-Time/ 29” Vertical

Film Analysis: Cody Compton will someday make a solid prospect at the corner position, but for now, there are obvious things that he needs to work on. For one, he needs to spend more time at the position. Right now he is playing quarterback, and he may be the only player capable of playing that position, but that is going to hold him back in terms of improving at the positon that will allow him to move up to the next level. You don’t want to see a player derail his team though either, by trying to play a postion that could only allow for individual improvement instead of team improvement. You do see some things though at the quarterback position that show Compton’s ability to translate to the defensive backfield. He has a solid burst of speed, and with Compton playing quarterback, he’ll know what it is like to be the quarterback trying to read a corner.

My Rating: 3-Star CB, Top 30-2017 Tennessee Prospect, Top 5 CB in Tennessee

The Verdict: It is a long time before Cody Compton will likely make a decision as to where he will attend college, but one thing remains, he has the potential to be a collegiate cornerback at a high level. He needs to continue to cultivate those qualities though. It may be way too early, but I right now see Compton being able to grade out as a three star corner. Projections also include him being a top 30 prospect in his home state of Tennessee. I don’t think he’ll be the top corner coming out of the state of Tennessee, but there is a chance for him to physically mature and become better and jump his progression line that he is currently on. If he grows any more, that could make him more attractive. He could use some speed work as well. He looks like a pretty physical corner but he could be a liability against a speedy outside receiver.

Pros: Good Burst of Speed

Cons: Need to see more

Check out Cody’s Hudl page:




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